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sleeping tablets in pregnancy

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MissChief Tue 15-Feb-05 13:54:09

appreciate any advice (esp from any docs out there) - I'm 16 weeks into 2nd pregnancy and got bad insomnia - sleep about 2-3 hrs a night and been like this for months. I've got a v demanding job & boisterous toddler and feel all i can manage at mo is giving all to work and then collapsing and leaving other stuff mainly to dh - we all hate living like this! Just been to see v unhelpful GP who without much questioning or discussion of side effects prescribed Nitrazepam for 1-2 weeks to try and get me back into normal sleep pattern. bit confused though, as my old GP refused last time I was pregnant (with same problem) to prescribe anything.
I'm feeling rather desperate but obviously don't want to affect baby.

MissChief Tue 15-Feb-05 14:01:36

-just googled it and one website says safe in pregnancy yet another (netdoctor says avoid as could harm developing baby!)??

MissChief Tue 15-Feb-05 14:17:03

please - if anyone's got experience of taking it would appreciate it, about to go to chemist to get it. Thoroughly confused as most sites seem to advise against. Nitrazepam is also known as Mogadon btw.

beachyhead Tue 15-Feb-05 14:18:20

Can't you try a herbal remedy first?

MissChief Tue 15-Feb-05 14:20:32

have already tried Valerian to no effect so don't know what else to try.

welshmum Tue 15-Feb-05 14:22:13

Misschief, I get this too but I don't think as badly as you - it usually lasts about a week with me and then I'll be ok for a bit. Like you I'm pg and had it with dd too. Can you face not taking any medication? I just know that if I took anything it would just add to my list of things to fret about that contributes to keeping me awake. What have you tried to relieve it?

MissChief Tue 15-Feb-05 14:24:26

hi welshmum- sorry to hear you suffer too - I'm trying some moderate regular exercise, hot milk & book before bedtime, no caffeine (what a fun, glam life!) how about you?

welshmum Tue 15-Feb-05 14:34:03

I'm doing some preggie yoga in the evening - just at home infront of the tv - which I think is helping me to relax. Also no caffeine - unless it's in chocolate. Have done daft things like to try to make the bedroom as clutter free and calming as possible - even bought a lovely new duvet. Have used an Origins lavender product that you dab on which is supposed to help too - and it might have done.
I find the best thing for me is if dd is sleeping well and then my level of 'mummy alertness' drops back - heaven help me when no2 arrives.

cori Tue 15-Feb-05 14:36:07

I take herbal nytol from time to time. It seems to work quite well. The directions say not to take it in the first trimester, but I assume it is fine after that.

orangina Tue 15-Feb-05 14:52:47

misschief, so sorry to hear you are like this.... i'm 32 weeks into my 1st pregnancy and had really horrendous sleeping problems for the 1st 4-5 months, nearly did my head in. Could fall asleep no problem, but would then wake up anthing between 1-4 hours later and that would basically be it for the night. Tried everything (homeopathic, herbal etc), and eventually went to GP in tears asking for sleeping pills as I had nearly lost it (I work too, but don't have the demanding toddler, you poor thing! ).... I can't remember what I was given, but almost skipped home thinking "I'm going to sleep through the night! Hurrah!" (I must have been about 10-12 weeks then, still in late 1st trimester), went to bed, took my pill, fell asleep..... and was wide awake again by 2am. Tried for a 2nd night, same thing, so gave up. Really felt it was completely hormonal, I didn't get any morning sickness, so this must have been the replacement. On top of that, the sleep I did get was pretty crap (shallow, not deep, and in no way refreshing), and I found that a lot of it passed by about 16 weeks. I still don't sleep through the night, but the sleep I do get is decent, and I get 6-7 hours a night, not as good as 8-9 (which as a pg person I really feel I would like), but I grab what naps I can, when I can. One thing I will recommend as it really did help me, is Bach's Flower Remedy, "Olive" which is recommended for exhaustion due to sleeplessness, and on top of that I took some homeopathic mixture from Boots (by Nelsons I think, can't remember the name just now, will post it if/when I can). Also, poor old dh ended up in the spare room for a few weeks, as I found that almost the only thing that could get me back to sleep in those looooooong nights, was listening to the World Service; I think it gently bored me to sleep, and distracted my brain from waking up too fully, if you see what I mean.
Don't know if any of that rather long post was at all helpful , but just wanted to say that hopefully if you are like me, you are nearly through the worst of it, and that I do really recommend the Bach's remedy (from Holland and Barrett). Also, if your GP gave you the prescription, it's bound to be ok, but as my GP told me when he prescribed me whatever, just take it for a long as you have to to catch up on your sleep. The less the better for the baby. REALLY GOOD LUCK in sorting out your sleeping..... Oxx

welshmum Tue 15-Feb-05 14:57:28

Just remembered that I had acupuncture with first pg and that was really good. I can still remember my night's sleep after the first session, mmmmmmmm. Will go back if it gets v bad this time around

orangina Tue 15-Feb-05 15:57:06

I had some acupuncture too actually.... didn't help me sleep for longer if I'm honest, but the quality of sleep I got was definitely better.....

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