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One car seat - two bases? Any ideas?

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Pooky73 Sat 16-Aug-08 18:38:19

Hi... Instead of buying 2 car seats DP asked if we can buy just the 1 but get 2 bases to go in both our cars... makes sense to me - is there such a thing? Thanks in advance...(Needs to be from birth too)

mustsleep Sat 16-Aug-08 18:44:39

yes i believe that with the maxi cosi cabrio they sell the carseat and the base seperately so you could easily get a base for each car and just the one seat

the bases come up on ebay regularly if you wanted to save a bit of cash too

m and p also sell the bases and seats seperately smile

try looking on the mothercare website or toys r us? next also sell maxi cosi

hopefully Sat 16-Aug-08 19:38:30

We've got a maxi cosi (unused yet, not due for another 4 weeks!) and they definitely sell the base separately - think there are two sorts of base, we got the 'easybase', which is cheaper (couldn't see any difference safety wise)

MatNanPlus Sat 16-Aug-08 19:42:34

Or you could look at car seats that do from birth to 25kgs / approx 4 years of age and use that in the second car?

OFSTEDoutstanding Sat 16-Aug-08 20:51:36

Graco are really good we use a base in each car which we bought seperately.

littleducks Sat 16-Aug-08 20:58:30

if you are going to be switching the seat over and keep it in the house would it be that much harder to strap carseat in? or have one base in the more used car and strap it into the other?

RichmondMummy Sat 16-Aug-08 21:10:05

We got a Bebe Confort baby car seat for DD from John Lewis and ordered the base separately from the shop as they don't keep them in stock. So you could buy as many seat bases as you want! They don't list the base on their website though (wasn't there last time I looked)

You can use the Bebe Confort baby seat without any base though, just is a bit more tricky to strap it in. But we just did that when took DD in her grandparents car.

accessorizequeen Sat 16-Aug-08 21:16:45

Maxi Cosi Cabrio & Cabriofix would both fit the bill. We had the cabriofix (isofix version) and two bases for ds2 & it worked really well. In fact I've just bought another as I'm expecting dt's next month.

So easy to click in and out & (recommended by Which). The easybase is for the non-isofix car seat. Safety-wise, isofix is certainly rated as there are no mistakes to be made once the isofix base has been fitted in that you're not re-threading the seatbelt through every time as you would with the easybase. Quite expensive buying the car seat & 2 bases but imo worth every penny. I got the car seat for £80 from kiddicare, but apparently John Lewis do them for £70 now and again which is a bargain so keep a lookout. The cabriofix seats can still be used in a car with no base (using a seatbelt) should you need to.

Pooky73 Sat 16-Aug-08 23:42:54

Wow - thank you so much... We wanted the 2 bases to be strapped in each car (permanently) as we interchange quite a bit - and don't need the faff of forgetting or early morning change-arounds... So just the one car seat that clips to each base - then hopefully to a pushchair combo would be fab! So I will go research these - cheers!

accessorizequeen Sat 16-Aug-08 23:50:46

Maxi-cosi fit to a huge range of buggies e.g. bugaboos, quinny etc so shouldn't be a problem for you. I can't tell you how much easier it made my life having it with ds2 - you just literally click the car seat in and it's green if ok, red if not. Threading seat belt through is so stressful when newborn crying!

Pooky73 Sat 16-Aug-08 23:58:20

Thanks a'queen! And congrats on your twins! How has your pg been? So exciting for you! Thanks for all the info

TheHedgeWitch Sun 17-Aug-08 00:02:49

Message withdrawn

Pooky73 Sun 17-Aug-08 00:05:16

Now that's planning! I like it! And they come in such great colours

accessorizequeen Sun 17-Aug-08 07:47:09

No worries I just bought one in lemonade though and my god it's a horrible colour (but cheaper). Would not suggest for PFB, but dt's will have to make do...PG getting a bit wearisome now (33 wks) but v.exciting to meet them soon!

annmar Sun 17-Aug-08 08:31:12

We did this with DD1.

We bought a Graco Quattro travel system which included car seat and one base and then bought another base seperately.

Kezza7779 Mon 18-Aug-08 14:53:20

britax make isofix bases, we have one in my car, one in mums, one in husbands and the car seat just slots into all of them!

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