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poss TMI but i am thinking I now have piles! any medics out there willing to give me a bit of advice please??

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myjobismum Thu 14-Aug-08 21:04:39

so i am coming up for 33 weeks pregnant and feeling great!

havent suffered any constipation, but in the last 24 hours have been having some blood and mucus as i go for a poo!

it isnt a huge ammount and have no abdominal pains to worry about. However my bum is achey and i am a bit sore "up there" after opening my bowel.

There is nothing "hanging out" as i thought to expect with piles, but definately feels like something is there (not huge) just slightly in the way as i go to the loo.

I am certain it is piles (although tbh it did scare me at first) all i wanted to know was if it absoloutely needed for me to go to the GP and get diagnosed, or can i just leave it be unless i feel i need medical attention? i have a midwife appointment next weds and will mention then if is still a problem!

I am not embarrassed to visit GP, i just dont see the point if all they will say is "yep piles, is common in pregnancy, sorry but wont last forever" type answer and then send me on the way.... i would def have to take nearly 3yr old DS with me to appointment.

any help advice welcomed - thanks!

caramelbunny Thu 14-Aug-08 21:13:54

Hello myjob

Not a medic I'm afraid but prob worth getting checked out. You can get internal piles so wont necessarily feel anything hanging out.

After a pile free pregnancy last time I got them after daughter was born. Went to doc thinking she'd just say 'yes, very common, don't worry' etc, but no, she stuck her finger up my bum. It was actually worse than child birth. So if you're taking a 3 year old with you, best take something to distract him from the sight!

myjobismum Thu 14-Aug-08 21:23:29

hmmm yes apparantly (so i have just read)90% of piles are internal and only "hang out" as they enlarge and get worse - nothing to be seen so far! am thinking it may be easier to just see how we go - really not wanting the finger up the bum experience with DS as a witness, scare the poor mite for life!

myjobismum Thu 14-Aug-08 21:35:16

is there really no-one else around with advice?? please??

notasheep Thu 14-Aug-08 21:39:04

ds gave me piles-he was nearly 10 pound-I havent been to the GP

I wouldnt bother seeing GP but its really up to you

myjobismum Thu 14-Aug-08 21:42:42

thanks notasheep - was hoping to avoid GP unless they became out of control - want to keep pregnancy as low key as possible - and really dont want to frighten DS at all!

Sawyer64 Thu 14-Aug-08 21:48:53

Sounds like Piles.If you haven't been constipated then its not a Tear or Fissure,which can cause bleeding etc.

I'd have a chat to Pharmacist to see if theres anything they could suggest that would help and is safe to use.

Obviously afterwards,it is safe to use a Haemorrhoid Cream with a local Anaesthetic in,which is bliss,really helps.

But wouldn't like to guess if it is safe to use before.

myjobismum Thu 14-Aug-08 22:00:45

thanks sawyer!

bootus Thu 14-Aug-08 23:00:22

I've just had them, just like you jobismum, wasnt worried about visiting doc, figured my dignity would all be lost in coming weeks anyway but was bit uncomfy and as my first pg wanted to be sure it was. He gave me Proctosedyl (sp?), worked a charm, only allowed to use for week and there was no examination. Pity he was so attractive grin

aurorec Fri 15-Aug-08 08:56:27

I had them after birth with my 1st, I was given some witch hazel pads to wash off the area after n.2s- water 1st then witch hazel pads.
I was basically told to be careful when going to the toilet and that was about it! It did take a while to heal but nothing major.
I got it again with this pregnancy and haven't even told the GP.

Don't really see the point to be honest!

ilovemydog Fri 15-Aug-08 08:59:16

I got this fab cream to use. Totally helped.

And eats lots of fibre. Force yourself to have cereal or whatever is high fibre. And drink tons of water.

Sorry for lecture but I had deadful piles and I share your pain! smile

laweaselmys Fri 15-Aug-08 10:40:26

I had one off one after surgery once and didn't go to GP until after it effectively exploded (nothing to worry about apparently, sometimes that just happens) and they said you should always come in as soon as you see the first bit of blood.

So that is my advice. Go now. Also, they're not pleasant, I have lots of sympathy!

myjobismum Fri 15-Aug-08 12:40:49

thanks for advice ladies - well not suffering so far today but will probably eat my words when need the loo later! DH is going to stop at chemist and ask pharmacist for some cream on his way home this afternoon and then going to mention to midwife at appointment on wednesday - all being well until then of course - feel a bit sad it has happened but am very accepting that it is normal!

lots of cereals, fruit and water here EVERY DAY already so nothing to change there - just bad luck and pressure/weight of baby that has caused it me thinks!

thanks again!

uptomyeyes Fri 15-Aug-08 12:48:57

I had them in all three pregnancies and just used an off the shelf cream - instant relief! Good luck.

Lakelover Fri 15-Aug-08 12:59:10

oh myjob - I DO sympathise. I've had a nightmare with piles for ages. They got a lot worse during and after having ds. I would definitely recommend seeing the GP about it, as they'll be able to prescribe a cream. Like Bootus, I can highly recommend Proctoseydl too, it's brilliant for easing the pain and in my experience works a lot better than the over the counter stuff. Also drink loads and loads of water. Dehydration was one of the main causes of mine (pregnancy obviously being the other main cause!). All the best and hope they ease off soon.

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