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Weight gain with number 2- is there still hope for me?!

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Lakelover Thu 14-Aug-08 11:55:18

Just wondered what the consensus was on weight gain with your second pregnancy? I was 9 stone bfore ds1, put on a stack of weight during pg AND after - went up to 14 stone, and now 12 stone. DS is 2 and I'm 17 weeks pg with no. 2. Any chance that after this one the weight will drop off me?! (will obviously do loads of exercise and weightwatchers!)Even my bump this time is a bit flabby and I can really see where the muscles separated last time (have appt with physio soon). Anyone else got a weird lumpy bump?

tinkispregnantwithpickle Fri 15-Aug-08 11:10:52

i gained loads of weight with my 1st one too
this time round i am 18 wks i havent gained so much so far guess you will have to wait and see try not to eat too much which is why i think i gained so much with 1st pregnancy.
my bump was flabby @ begging is just hard and round now and i am mass @ this stage compared with 1st time

Lakelover Fri 15-Aug-08 12:02:23

me too tink. It's nice not to have to hold the tummy in any more though isnt it?! How old is your 1st?

katch Fri 15-Aug-08 13:06:39

I gained 4 stone with 1st, 3.5 with second, 2.5 with 3rd.

I always had to eat to keep down nausea, but the difference was, the 3rd time I'd given up sugar, so would eat, say, a handful of dried apricots and cashews as snacks instead of biscuits/ cakes/ potatoes.

And the baby was 8lb 10, whereas the others were 10lb 5 and 11lb 10.

Breastfeeding loses the weight, but it wasn't so fast and dramatic the last time.

Can't remember realative shapes of bumps, but the 2nd whopper gave me a horribly stretched tum.

Rather than trying to eat less, it's boring but a healthy diet with no junk, particularly sugar, works.

Lakelover Fri 15-Aug-08 17:03:02

katch - agree - know excatly how all the weight went on. But - am already thinking about bread and butter pudding for dinner later - drool ...

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