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Help please on urgent measures to deal with hip/back/leg pain!

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staranise Wed 13-Aug-08 19:49:10

Agonising pain in right hip, towards the back, particularly when I twist, turn or bend. Am 24 weeks pg with number 3 and haven't had back problems before.

Saw GP today and have been referred to excellent antenatal physiotherapist but she is on holiday for at least another week and we go away for two weeks from saturday - jsut within the UK so physio can ring me but am not sure I can get through the next week or so like this. Am a SAHM with a 4 year old and a 2 year old and not bending over etc is just not an option though I can avoid carrying heavy objects etc. What can I do in the meantime before I speak to the physio to lessen the strain and the pain? At the moment I can't sit down properly, put weight on my right leg, lean forward, get up from a sitting position, bend forward, push a buggy etc etc. IS this SPD? Thansk very much for any advice.

hatcam Wed 13-Aug-08 20:22:07

doesn't sound like SPD, possibly more likely that the baby's in a position to put pressure on one of the nerves from your spine or that you've tweaked your lower back - especially with a couple of kids already to look after! Poor you.

You can take paracetemol while pregnant (unless there's any reason specific to you that you can't...). Local heat is usually best for backs to help relax the muscles that tighten up in response to pain.

Trying to find a way to move your hip/back will help too (inactivity usually makes it worse), sometimes hip circles (exactly as it sounds) can help, sitting on a swiss ball and bouncing very you know the yoga position The Cat - people sometimes call it Cats & Dogs?

When you're trying to do normal life stuff, try and keep weight evenly on both feet, use your tummy muscles (think about bring your bump in closer towards you), if you're carrying one of the kids hold them close in to you and really try not to make twisting movements for now. Try and bend your knees and if you can lean forward at all always make sure you're sticking your bum right out - so you're not rounding the lower part of your spine - it'll help to use the muscles properly.

Poor you. Hope you feel better.

staranise Wed 13-Aug-08 20:26:21

Thank you very much, that's really helpful as I wasn't sure whether I could use localheat etc (is that the deep heat gel stuff or a hot water bottle?). I used to do a lot of yoga so know the positions but again, was scared to do any of it in case it made it worse. Thanks again, am glad it doesn't sound like SPD...

Hopeysgirlwasntbig Wed 13-Aug-08 20:29:04

Oh you poor thing, I had SPD during my last two pregnancies, horrid horrid horrid. I ended up on crutches. I hope it isn't SPD but if it is, you'll get lots of help and advise here.

Slickbird Wed 13-Aug-08 20:49:55

I think this is sciatica and not SPD. If you live anywhere near Perth, I can recommend a spinal therapist who will fix it for you in one go. There's no need to be going to physio's who will charge you a fortune to see them for 13 appointments. It's all a load of nonsense popping and cracking when all they need to do is push your L4 back in. Seriously, if you are anywhere near, I can give you his number. He's ace. He's fixed so many people I know, including me and DH. smile

staranise Wed 13-Aug-08 21:23:11

Thanks Slickbird but I'm in London. My physio will be free as NHS but I will look up spinal therapists for my area as I agree, it doesn't sound like SPD.

Is it better to work through the pain and grit your teeth or to try and avoid it completely by eg, staying more or less still? I know you're not meant to lie in bed with back pain but am not sure if I should be completely refusing to do anything requiring my right side (near impossible with looking after the children anyway).

Slickbird Wed 13-Aug-08 21:36:09

This is really tricky. First of all, he is the only one I know that does it and aparently he has had a long running battle with the medical profession. He thinks the spine is basically mechanical and parts of the spine come in and out and can press on nerves. You push the part of the spine back in and that stops the pressure on the nerve. Sciatica can come and go for years because the part of the spine affected can move ever so slightly to take the pressure off, but never be back in properly. Unless it is pushed back in. He has had Doctors poo-poo this, and esp chiropractors as they make their money that way, lots of sessions at high costs. But he can fix humans and animals as the spine is the same in them but horizontal. He flies to Hollywood to work on people like Tom Hanks and Jessica Lang, because he gets work by word of mouth. He never has to advertise. I'm REALLY sorry for my ramble, I guess what I am trying to actually say, is that I am just not sure if anyone else does what he does - but I hope to God they do, not just for you but when he retires (which he can't be far from) I shall shoot myself as I won't have anyone to fix me or others from unnecessary pain! I'm really not helping am I? hmm Sorry, maybe you could see if you could find one and tell them what he does and see what they say?

The best thing for the pain is anti-inflamitories, like Nurofen as when it goes out, the muscle round it seizes up to compensate and that gets tighter and sorer the longer it is out. But I don't know if you can take them when preggars.

This is my longest post ever, I'm away to hide in shame blush

Slickbird Wed 13-Aug-08 21:38:15

P.S - He only charges us minions a one off 50 quid charge. Don't know about Tom and Jessica tho...wink

Ok, I'm going, I'm going....

staranise Wed 13-Aug-08 23:10:29

Well, my sister does live in the Borders which can't be too far from Perth so will see how desperate I get...

Not sure I'm keen on tHE idea of having my spine pushed at the moment but will take your word on it! Thanks again smile

Slickbird Thu 14-Aug-08 14:44:14

Just for the record - it doesn't hurt. smile

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