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12 week scan tomorrow - what to expect?

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Mirry71 Wed 13-Aug-08 09:53:24

Hello I have my 12 wk scan tomorrow - what can i expect? I know I sound amazingly ignorant but not sure. Will be having bloods and nuchal test because of my age (37) and very scared about that. What else will they be able to tell me? (and do you get an answer on that anyway?)
And finally - what to wear (not not from vanity! grin but just what's easiest!!!!)

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 13-Aug-08 09:58:36

From what I remember, the 12 week scan doesn't take that long, it's the 20 week one that is a bit longer.

Make sure you have drunk about a pint or so an hour before the scan.

Wear separates, as you will need to lift your top and pull down your skirt/trousers a bit as your uterus is still low down.

This is really just a dating scan (sorry don't have experience of nuchal) so all they will be able to give you is your due date. They can't sex the baby at this stage.

Good luck and enjoy!

Mirry71 Wed 13-Aug-08 10:01:42

thanks...i am partly very excited and partly terrified. have had no scans or anything so far - so this will be first 'proof' IYSWIM that I am actually pregnant and not a fraud! Plus because of my age am rather worried.

mloo Wed 13-Aug-08 10:04:13

Whether you get offered nuchal fold depends on the hospital policy. You might be able to get it if you pay. Bloods again not usually taken, but it might be an option to get them done privately (you pay for integrated test). Your community midwife should have told you what to expect at the hospital scan, really. Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions now, though.

They may not need you to have full bladder (I didn't), you can ask when you check in.

I was able to spot boy bits on the scan at this stage, but that was because I knew how to look for them wink.

Good luck, there are lots of hurdles in pregnancy, this is just one of them.

MiniMarmite Wed 13-Aug-08 10:12:23

Hi Mirry

Some hospitals say the opposite about water and that you must have an empty bladder when you go! It's really confusing! It might say on your appointment form. Obviously better to go with a full bladder as ILike suggests because you can always go to the loo when you get there if they need an empty bladder!

For the nuchal test bloods will normally be taken the same day after the scan and then the scan measurements and blood results will be considered together so they are unlikely to comment there and then - I got the results in the post and then discussed with the midwife at my next appointment. They will call you and ask you to come in if your risk is moderate or high (more than 1/250 normally).

The measurement alone does give you some idea of your risk (i.e. below 3mm fluid measurement is likely to be very low risk) but you're much better waiting for your blood results to be combined with the measurement as this is much more accurate. Lesley Regan 'your pregnancy week by week' covers this in some detail if you are interested in reading a bit before you go.

Good luck smile

elkiedee Wed 13-Aug-08 11:50:24

Clothes - a loose fitting top and trousers or skirt are a good idea as you need to be able to pull clothes up and down easily. Also short or loose sleeves. I'm assuming you've already been told what tests you will be offered.

My hospital says full bladder but I've found that getting there with time to drink a little water but not huge quantities and not doing what I'd normally want to do before going into see them has been enough on each occasion, and I've had 3 scans this time - the first showed that I was nearly 2 weeks earlier than I thought so too early for nuchal fold test, the second was where they did my tests, and the third was part of the CVS test I had.

I had my first baby at 37 and my tests - like yours the combined test with bloods as well - came back as low risk, that sonographer said on the day that the nuchal fold looked normal. They wrote to me by post.

This time my results came back as high risk -the nuchal fold result was ok but the blood test wasn't plus my age is already high risk on its own, as I just turned 39 at the end of June. I opted for CVS as the quickest way of getting definite results (fortunately better news this time after a nailbiting weekend).

I found the NHS booklet on screening tests one of the most useful things I read, of course I didn't read it before I got back my dodgy results. Apart from anything else a lot of published books seem to have inaccuracies about important things like when you can have specific tests, whereas the NHS booklet is given to you free and details current practice.

you will beable to see all the babys limbs etc sonographer will beable to point out everything is amazing.
i got told off for drinking too much so just had one glass of water before my 12 wks scan
ye trousers and top or skirt and top

WorzselMummage Wed 13-Aug-08 13:02:46

If you search for '12 week scan' on youtube there are loads

Mirry71 Wed 13-Aug-08 16:14:18

I rang them in the end and they said full bladder! I think my hosp policy is combined test - they said they would be taking bloods; my midwife asked whether i would be willing to have the test when i saw her at nine weeks but didnt really explain a lot.

Minimarmite i am not due to see my midwife again til end of oct so i dont think i wd be able to discuss it with her.....

elkiedee do you know where you can get nhs booklets from? presumably the hospital?

sorry - know these are really obv questions!

lauraloola Wed 13-Aug-08 16:53:52

Drink alot before hand so you can get a clear picture. Where something loose with easy access to your tummy.

12 week scan was quick, they do a basic check and measure the baby. The 20 week one took longer as they check all organs and do more measurements.

Ask for a photo when you get in. Good luck x

hatrick Wed 13-Aug-08 17:03:35

Message withdrawn

elkiedee Wed 13-Aug-08 22:11:18

Mirry71, sorry, I'm not sure, I think I must have been given it at my booking in appointment.

Mirry71 Thu 14-Aug-08 15:00:08

Hello all, i just thought i would say it all went fine today thank you so much for all your advice; really helped. Had Could not really relax until they said all was fine - basically I have the laziest baby on the planet earth who would NOT move when the sonographer was trying to measure the nuchal fold no matter whether i lay on left side or right and the doc ended up having to jab me quite hard to get it to jump! Still not doubt it is DH's then grin

lauraloola Thu 14-Aug-08 15:15:03

Brilliant news, I hope you got some good pictures of dc xxx

elkiedee Thu 14-Aug-08 16:25:25

Have you told dh this evidence of paternity?

Mirry71 Thu 14-Aug-08 17:13:18

I asked for a picture so they took me literally at that and gave me one....!
Yes elkiedee, DH was there and has been forced to agree with my verdict. His mother backed up my theory as well...

babyignoramus Thu 14-Aug-08 17:47:59

I had mine yesterday - it's amazing isn't it? They found LO right away and it was jumping round like a little bean and waving it's little arms. Hatrick - can you link to any photos of tubercules? I think I can see one on mine but don't know what the significance is of the way it's pointing....

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