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GOOD PELVIC BELTS any recommendations?

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ranirani Tue 12-Aug-08 20:35:33

I am 13+4 PG and during last week started feeling sharp pain now and again in pelvic area in front. It comes and goes, and it is tolerable but I am afraid that it could be the bgeinning of SPD. I do suffer from sciatica anyway, but this is something new. I really do not want it to escalate to some enormous pain stage; we have our own gallery and I have to pop in now and again. My MW is useless, very vaque and not attentive to details at all. Do not think at this stage she will take it seriously anyway. Thought that I better invest in some pelvic support belts, but am not sure which ones are good. Ideally would love to have pelvic support with bump support, but my mine concern is pelvic pan. Anyone had any experience with this kind of belts and would recommend something good? Thanks x

Qally Tue 12-Aug-08 20:50:40

Mine is Emma Jane - recommended specifically for SPD by my ante-natal physio. No bump support, but holds the pelvis together well. For less bad days a roll of tubigrip, triple folded, also helps a lot; the belt can be very uncomfortable if the baby is moving a lot or I have indigestion.

Mine started at about your stage, and I wish I'd rested more and walked slooooooowly (think sloth on valium) and taken as few stairs as possible, because once I did, it improved a lot.

hatcam Tue 12-Aug-08 21:29:18


I know it can be pricey, but try and see an osteopath or physio first before you resort to the support belts. They're a total godsend if you need one, but if you're pain is manageable in another way then sometimes they can do more damage i.e. by stopping your back, core and pelvic muscles from doing their job. It makes me really sad that midwives are not always very helpful on this topic (like mine who said that SPD goes away of its own accord - not true).

You should be able to get referred to an ante natal physio by your midwife (put your foot down) but if the waiting list is long or you're really not getting the help it would be best to go of your own accord.

Good luck!

notcitrus Tue 12-Aug-08 23:18:03

I got a support belt from the obstetric physio - she wasn't sure it would help much but it does help a bit. Demand a referral to a physio from your midwife before the pain gets worse!

I had an appt within a week of seeing the midwife - admittedly I limped in and the mw said "that'll be an urgent SPD referral then. Anything else?"...

caroline947 Sun 17-Aug-08 09:53:25

I agree that a physio should be able to help you. You could also try a specialist maternity reflexologist, there are specific points for SPD and sciatica. I have found it very helpful to my clients (i'm a reflexologist and massage therapist). Some simple advice is to try and keep your legs together asap, a carrier bag on your bed or seat in the car allows you to slide in without distubing your pubic area. You might also like to print of a download from this

MrsMattie Sun 17-Aug-08 14:29:48

Get an NHS referral to a women's health physio. A belt should be a last resort - there is loads you can still do to minimise the pain, but you need good, regular advice from a professional. If you're midwife is unhelpful, go to your GP.

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