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Fruitful? How are you doing?

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Ellbell Sun 13-Feb-05 23:20:22

Hi there
Just wondering how you're doing and hoping that the placenta is behaving itself.
Very best wishes

fruitful Sun 27-Feb-05 20:37:44

Hiya, just saw this... No, my placenta was not behaving itself... As you were posting this, I was in hospital strapped to the monitors, having woken up bleeding and gone to hospital on Saturday night. Went into labour on Sunday evening, cs 45 minutes later. Ds () had a week in intensive care and a week on the ward with me, learning to feed, and we got home on Friday night.

Will post a proper birth announcement soon!

Ellbell Sun 27-Feb-05 23:22:54

Well... congratulations. I'm sorry things didn't go according to plan (not even according to Plan B...), but I am glad to hear of the safe arrival of your ds and am happy that you are now both back at home.
I will look out for your birth announcement. But many congratulations - I was thinking about you.

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