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Would you go on a 3hr international flight at 32-36 weeks?

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hairymcleary Mon 11-Aug-08 11:55:44

DH and I live in Australia, and we're trying to decide whether to go home to NZ for Christmas. The plan was for me and DS (who will be 2.5) to go in early December, DH to come out around Christmas and us all return about 6th Jan.
I will be 32 weeks pg at the begining of Dec, and 36 weeks when we return.
We're both really keen to go back, as all our family is there and will be a pretty quiet Xmas here just the three of us.
However, I've just found out that my travel insurance will only cover me up to 26 weeks. My midwife said a three hour flight should be fine, so ATM I'm hoping to be able to extend my travel ins to cover me for flying up to 36 weeks.
Am I mad? I'm not worried about going into labour on the plane, but I'm just wondering if I'm silly to be considering being so far from home if anything does happen.
Any thoughts appreciated!!

blob2be Mon 11-Aug-08 11:59:30

I was under the impression that most airlines won't ake pregnant passengers after 34 weeks - but I could be wrong?

I'll watch this thread with interest as I'm supposed to be flying from London-Melbourne for Christmas - I'll be 30 weeks - and 34 weeks on our return shock !!!

sarah293 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:01:18

Message withdrawn

MerlinsBeard Mon 11-Aug-08 12:02:47

some airlines will not allow it and if they do they will require a note from your Dr/MW saying that you are fit to fly

I wouldn't do it. But i was a high risk pregnancy by that stage and wouldn'thave been allowed anyway

slinkiemalinki Mon 11-Aug-08 12:03:59

If the airline will let you, can't see why not, though you are cutting it fine (assume your DS was not particularly early - not that that's a cast iron guarantee!). I just came back from Portugal yesterday (2.5 hr flight) at 34 weeks, I also have a toddler, my husband made sure he did the heavy bits when she needed carrying, taking her to the loo etc. I was absolutely fine, although it was the last possible day this airline would let me fly (though it was not a great carrier - I think the bigger carriers let you go up to 36w). TBH in your situation I'd worry more about being 32 weeks and having to do the journey alone with a toddler than being 36 with your husband to help. Though you may well take it in your stride if you are used to travelling alone with him!

poorbuthappy Mon 11-Aug-08 12:04:13

Most insurance companies will only cover pregnant women as long as they are traveling 12 weeks due date - so 28 weeks.

I don't actually know if its a money thing, ie throw money at them and they will cover you...I don't think they want to take the risk...

Riven - did you have travel insurance and if so who with?

MrsTittleMouse Mon 11-Aug-08 12:19:57

It was the insurance that curbed me when I was pregnant. I never did find insurance that would cover me that late in pregnancy, and DH and I aren't the kind of people that would take that kind of risk. To be honest, I wouldn't do it, not because you're likely to go into labour (7% of babies are prem), just because the consequences if you do will be pretty steep in terms of paying for the hospital bill and the stress to you.

PetitFilou1 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:34:35

I think it would depend on how the pregnancy was going. I don't think you will get travel insurance that late and some airlines wouldn't let you fly so you need to check before you book. Most likely if you are low risk you would be ok, but I'm not sure I'd take the chance. As per Mrs TM's post you would face very steep costs if you needed to be medi-vac'd back or have the baby in NZ.

hairymcleary Mon 11-Aug-08 12:49:58

Riven, did you manage to get travel insurance? I think that's really the main concern at the moment... The airline will take me with a doctor's letter up to 36 weeks. And I've travelled a lot with DS by myself, so that's not too much of a worry.
I am an NZ citizen, so would be entitled to free healthcare in the public system, however I haven't lived there for several years and don't really have any idea about how the maternity services operate... I think my main worry would be all the drama involved with having the baby in NZ... ie find a hospital, have baby, would DH be there, having to stay in NZ long enough to get the new DC a passport so we could come back to Australia etc etc. Then, just to muddy the waters, we'll actually be moving back to NZ permanently in March so we'd have all the hassle of transporting 4 of us back, having to start packing etc with new baby already arrived. God, I'm talking myself out of this! Actually, have just thought of something else... if I did end up having baby in NZ it would be prem and might have to go to SCBU etc etc. Right, think I might have to reconsider my Xmas plans. My sister will be devastated!!

PetitFilou1 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:56:37

Hairy - I think it is highly unlikely you will get travel insurance...... Good luck dealing with your sister!

MrsTittleMouse Mon 11-Aug-08 13:20:23

That was the big concern for me - that if I did go into labour that it would medically much more complicated because the baby would be prem - so it would be difficult and stressful because of the location and the date. A double whammy.
To be honest, I'm in the third trimester right now, and the thought of loads of travel fills me with dread already (nowhere near 36 weeks). Maybe I'm just a wuss.

ipanemagirl Mon 11-Aug-08 14:24:49

Personally, I wouldn't do it. A friend of ours just did a long haul flight and it seems to have triggered blood pressure problems... I'm not a dr but personally, I just think it's not worth any risk is it?

i hate flying when not pregnant so i wouldnt either an i am 18 wks thursday and already look 6 months

UmSami Wed 13-Aug-08 01:39:49

Hey Hairy, don't think this is what you want to hear but unless you really have to don't do it! (IMO anyway)
I currently live in middle east with husband and ds 2.4 and am currently 29 weeks pregnant...
Had to fly back to uk due to visa issues at 24.6, it was a long flight...1 1/2 hours then 5 hour stop off when went to aunts house for sleep and then 7 hour flight to UK. I was absolutely shattered by the end of it and could hardly make it from the taxi to the door of the house with my very sleepy ds who just wanted mummy!
Now due to complications with DS's visa I'm still in UK and hubby has had to go back...I'll be flying back with ds at 32 weeks (visa's permitting) and am dreading it...why do it to yourself unless you really have to? There'll be plenty more Xmas' and i'm sure your sis will understand!

S1ur Wed 13-Aug-08 01:47:05

Nope not me.

But that isn't based on medical experience just I wouldn't want to.

If you do, you can alleviate a lot of things by going for regular strolls up and down plane.

becka1 Wed 13-Aug-08 18:54:47

I did it twice during my last pregnancy - at 32 weeks flew UK to the States and took a 3 hour European flight at 35 weeks. I was fine both times. I had a letter but was never asked for it - maybe due to a neat bump! I did have a strange experience waiting on the flight home from the states - this oldish lady came over and sat next to me at the gate and said "I think you're brave"....that was all!

hairymcleary Thu 14-Aug-08 05:07:28

After thinking about it a bit further, we'll be staying put. Not bothered about the flights, it's more the prospect of having a (prem) baby in another country, or developing complications and having to stay put til the due date. It would be too much of a nightmare, esp as DH needs to get back to work after New Year to finish the project he's working on, so he'd be torn between wanting to stay and needing to get back to work. Have resigned myself to a quiet Christmas!!
PS- Becka- when I was PG with DS we flew to Barcelona and the security guard at Heathrow had a good feel of my bump as I went through the x-ray machine, to make sure it was a proper bump and I didn't just have something stuck up my top!!

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