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Just got BFP and now dont know whether to laugh or cry!

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Claireykitten Mon 11-Aug-08 11:18:54

Have just found out I am expecting dc2!

I have really really wanted this ever since having my DS 9mths ago but sensibility had FINALLY kicked in and I admitted to myself that financially it was the last thing we needed and lo and behold I get a BFP!

I am really happy (very scared but happy)but have decided that I really dont like knowing this early, going by LMP I am almost 7 weeks but I know for a fact that I only conceived a maximum of 2 weeks ago because it was whilst we were on holiday without any contraception. Would just like to state for the record that it was 5-6 days before AF was due so I was pretty much convinced we were safe (wont make that mistake again!)I feel like such a naive (sp?)little girl!

Sorry for waffling but I needed to vent somewhere and get it all out of my system I hope you dont mind.

As regards how far on I am at what point would you say I should make my booking in appointment with the MW, last time I was told they dont see you til at least 8 weeks which is obviously next week going by LMP. I dont know what to do what would all you wise MNers advise?

it is perfectly normal to feel happy and scared.
i would phone up the drs now and make an appointment as you are 7 wks now then you will see someone soon

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