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Possible signs of pre-eclampsia - reassurance please

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Aubergenie Mon 11-Aug-08 10:33:58

I went to the midwife last week and my BP was raised. (I'm pretty sure it was because we've got bulders in, all sorts of things had gone wrong, I was rushing about stressing and trying to sort things out before the appointment.) Anyway, there was also a trace of protein in my urine so they sent me for further tests for pre-eclampsia. I got my blood and urine results back the following day and my BP was considerably reduced (although still a bit higher than my first MW check). Everything else was fine except for the trace of protien in my urine and the level of alanine aminotransferase in my urine which was high. I have to go back later this week to redo all the tests. The consultant told me that it could be a sign the I am developing PE.

Has anyone ever had anything similar and NOT gone on to develop pre-eclampsia? I'm getting myself a bit worked up about it all, which I'm sure isn't helping at all!

fernie3 Mon 11-Aug-08 11:50:03

I had a trace of protein or +1 protein in my urine for most of the last 3 months of my pregnancy, I had antibiotics but it never really went away. I also had blood pressure that would be raised one day but fine the next. I didnt develop preeclampsia but obviosuly because of the possibility i would I had many blood tests and many extra appointments.

The doctor was right though with my second pregnancy I had the exact same thing but this DID develop into preeclampsia. I think it can really go either way.

did they mention if you might have an infection at all - a trace of protein is not much at all and might even have been normal dishcharge in your urine?. when i DID have preeclampisa i was getting +3 or +4 protein with every test.

did you have a 24hour urine test? if not then they might do that next


Aubergenie Mon 11-Aug-08 12:23:25

Interesting. Thanks Sophie. Yes, the miwife did also mention that I may have a urine infection and has sent the sample off for testing.

Sounds like it's just a case of wait and see at the next lot of tests.

One of reasons I'm keen not to develop pre-ecampsia (apart from the fact that can be dangerous, obviously) is that I'm booked into a midwife-led birthing centre and you have to be low risk to give birth there.

Incidentally, what happened with your second pregnancy? Did they just monitor you, or did you need to be induced early?

LieselBollyKnickers Mon 11-Aug-08 12:48:26

Dont worry too much about it Im sure they will be keeping an eye on you

LiegeAndLief Mon 11-Aug-08 12:59:03

Easier said than done but try not to worry too much. A trace of protein and one day of high bp is not a problem, but it is great that they are keeping an eye on you so if there are any problems they will be picked up immediately. Much better that way round - I had severe PET but didn't develop high bp until quite late on, so was very ill before anyone noticed there was anything wrong with me! If you do have PET there is unfortunately nothing you can do about it, so no point worrying now (although I know that's very difficult to do!).

By the way, they generally start to worry when your bp hits 140/90, although if your booking in bp was much lower than that it might be a concern if there was a big jump, but still under 140/90.

Good luck, hope all the tests come back clear.

Aubergenie Mon 11-Aug-08 13:13:36

Thanks for your messages. You're right, there's nothing I can really do. However if I do move into a high risk category I have to make some decisions about where to have the baby (long story) so I wanted to be prepared.

Actually, it's not the protein in my urine that's causing them to be concerned, it's the level of alanine aminotransferase. I'm not sure whether that's neccessarily a signifier of PET or whether it could be caused by something else. The explanation they gave me wasn't clear.

fernie3 Mon 11-Aug-08 13:30:07

with my second i was induced early because blood tests showed that the preeclampsia was affecting my liver and kidneys. My son was born between 35 and 36 weeks but was totally fine and was able to come home with me 24hours later .

good luck with the birthing centre, I really wanted a home birth this time (I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with my 3rd) but i have been told that i am too high risk

good luck!


Aubergenie Mon 11-Aug-08 13:33:35

That's reassuring Sophie, thank you. I'm really glad that your son was fine. Good luck with the pregnancy this time round!

LiegeAndLief Mon 11-Aug-08 13:47:09

Think alanine aminotransferase is ALT, which is something they test for in your blood (not urine - are you sure it was urine?) to check liver function. If ALT levels are high, this means your liver might not be functioning very well, which can be a symptom of pre-eclampsia.

eandz Mon 11-Aug-08 13:51:21

me! i had all these symptoms and i haven't gotten pe yet. i'm starting my 35th week, but i do have to get my bp checked twice a week just to make sure. i haven't had to be on any medications so far either. so good luck and stay positive.

Aubergenie Mon 11-Aug-08 22:07:54

Eandz - good to hear that you are still healthy. I suspect that they may want to monitor me the same way.

LiegeandLief - it could have been my blood I've lost track now.

Looks like I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for all the replies!

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