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inducing labour

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BeckieB Sun 10-Aug-08 22:30:11

Help! I'm 39 and 2 weeks pg with my 3rd baby. First DS was 2 weeks early (hoorah!) and second DS was 3 weeeks early (even bigger hoorah!) so I've never been this pregnant before. Without sounding like a wuss, I've had enough! Constant acid, piles the size of kumquats, stiff joints, thrush......need I go on? Its a DD this time and the whole pregnancy has been much harder. Are girl babies more awkward even at this stage?!
Anyway, what I'm after are tried and tested ways to bring on labour that don't involve eating curries (acid too bad!) or sex (haven't got the energy).

HotTrouserCough Sun 10-Aug-08 22:31:54

Orgasm works
You can have this without having sex grin

twinmomma Thu 14-Aug-08 01:57:37

There are quite a few ways to start labour and I am currently trying them all so will be able to give feedback shortly: :O

1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea or capsules

2. Clary Sage Oil - rubbed on the bump (once it has been diluted with acarrier oil) or in the bath ( 5-6 drops is more than enough)

3. Castor Oil - 50 - 60 ml placed in a gass of orange juice to dull the taste - this will cause loose stools and may make you vomit but is supposed to work with 48 hrs in 56% of cases. My mum used this and had a very fast labour - waiting on some arriving off the internet.

4. Intimacy with a partner what got it in is supposed to get it out. prostaglandins in semen are supposed to help, some say that you must orgasm for this to be effective and there is some evidence that swallowing semen is effective as the prostaglandins are more effective when ingested. I would keep the last part to your self - but if your desperate lol wink Orgasm itself is suuposed to help so lots a masturbastion if you can be bothered.

5. Accupuncture or Accupressure are both supposed to bring on contractions - if you don't like needles accupressure is for you, this works by stimulating pressure points on the body to get contractions started.

6. Walking - the weight of the baby on the cervix is supposed to help

7. Stair Walking - same principle as walking but not for the faint hearted.

8. Evening Primose Oil - talking orally in a capsule and also breaking the capsule and inserting it into the vagina are supposed to be effective at getting the cervix to dialate and get things started.

9. Reflexology - same idea as accupuncture and accupressure - the stimulation of prssure points is thought to stimulate your bodies own energy to create contractions

10. Excessive activity or cleaning is thought to help and this is usually caused by the nesting instinct some women get.

11. Jasmine oil applied to the pulse pint 3 fingers from your wrist (diluted in a carrier oil) is supposed to help

12. Membrane sweep - to be performed by a medical professional where a finger is inserted into th vagina and through the cervix if it is ripe. The bag of waters is then gently stimulated and this is thought to cause labour to start - a vaginal examination can also cause this to happen

13. Raw Fresh Pineapple is supposed to work as well as it contains a chemical that is supposed to get things started but I think you would need to eat a lot and it gives me terrible heartburn

14. Nipple stimulation - I'm using a breast pump as you have to do this for at least 15 minutes and it hurts my hands - it's supposed to release oxytocin into your blood stream to start labour off.

Hope this helps as it is all the information that I have gained through a trawl of the internet myself - I am ready to have my baby - good luck to all of you.

BeckieB Thu 14-Aug-08 20:45:14

Wow! Alot to try out. Not sure which to try first! Thanks and Good luck twinmomma with yr baby. My due date is tomorrow and I can't stop thinking about it. This is half the problem! Lordy, how life is going to change within the next few days........

lilyloo Thu 14-Aug-08 20:51:18

twinmomma wow that is an extensive list so can't add anything more grin good luck!

foxythesnowfox Thu 14-Aug-08 21:09:32

Mango juice

Spicy food (a Hot Nandos did it for DD1 and me).

Castor oil isn't recommended - its an old fashioned remedy which stimulates the bowel. Take too much and it could be very messy - although saying that, I did take it with DD2. Hell, I was desperate! grin Just watch the amount is my advice smile

Raspberry leaf tea is said to tone the uterus which is meant to be helpful during labour, but not to bring contractions on is my understanding.

When I had acupuncture they fixed electrode-thingies onto the pins shock Baby came the next day, saying that, I was 13 days over.

Crikey, sorry - voice of doom here. Sorry! I know just how you feel. My first two were bang on time, DC3 10 days late, DC4 13. Trouble is we are lulled into a false sense of security with our early/on-time babies. These babies come when they are ready, but last time 5 sweeps later and a real slow burner, the birth was a breeze. So don't be in too much of a rush! smile

Good luck smile

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