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Driving Test (not OT)

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SalBySea Sun 10-Aug-08 22:22:15

this may be rather paranoid but I am a bit concerned about being asked to do an emergency stop whilst pregnant!

Am I just being silly?

SlartyBartFast Sun 10-Aug-08 23:23:17

well i took my test 2 months before ds arrived, all ok

snowymum Mon 11-Aug-08 07:12:09

I just did one in real life because a stupid pheasant ran in front of my car. Since your seat belt is really tight around your hips, it was fine. Pheasants really are stupid.

PetitFilou1 Mon 11-Aug-08 09:03:57

I passed my test at 8 months pregnant 3 years ago. It is unlikely they will ask you to do one in the test if they can see you are pregnant but bear in mind that if you refuse they will fail you! As snowy says you may need to do one in real life (I'm driving my dcs round atm 8 months pregnant) - if I had to stop in an emergency I'd have to stop!

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Mon 11-Aug-08 09:57:58

Tell the examiner you are pregnant. I did and he said he would not ask me to do one. I only told him because I was worried about morning sickness - the emergency stop didn't occur to me!

I passed by the way, after failing 3....

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