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knicker checkers I need you........bfp today but had X3 mc in last year.

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scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 15:12:14

I need some advice and support from you lovely ladies and I can't find the thread.

I've just crumbled and given in to testing. I'm 4 days late and no sign of af so bought a clearblue digital and it says pg. I can't get even the tiniest bit excited cos I've been here 3 times before in the last year and ended up with my hopes/dreams down the toilet IYKWIM. I've been having period type pains over the last week on and off and pg hormones do not seem to be kicking in but each pg has been slightly different and my only successfull one was too far back to remember what I did and didn't have. So I'd be really grateful for some advice??

1) Is it worth phoning the EPU in the morning or should I wait a while to see if bleeding starts and just think of it as a late period (sorry to sound harsh but emotionally can't take thinking about it as anything else this time.

2) Should I ask EPU to do some bloods to check hormone levels and ask for them to check again to see if they're rising, I'm only about 4 4/7wks so too early for scan I'm sure.

3) As I've had 3 mc and nothing has shown up on our blood tests plus I've a 9yr old DD I'm going to take aspirin this time (EPU MW advised this so not doing it without them knowing). Should I take 75mg or take 150mg to be on safe side. I'll be buying aspirin in the morning as I was going to take it while ttc but was too disorganised.

Please talk to me. My DH works away so can't share this with him and tbh I don't even want to tell him yet cos he's still struggling coming to terms with the mmc in Feb - baby was due last week. I will tell him but I'm not having conversations over the phone about this any more.

Sorry for rambling but my head's in a spin.

cece Sun 10-Aug-08 15:29:36


didn't want this to go unanswered but I remember you from the knicker checkers.

Firstly congratulations.

Secondly I assume you have been seen by someone due to your previous mc so I think if I were in your position I would definitely phone EPU?contact midwife for advice in the morning.

Good luck.

cece Sun 10-Aug-08 15:32:27

Here [ it is]]

cece Sun 10-Aug-08 15:33:04

try again

Think this is it

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 15:44:31

Thanks cece, I didn't look down far enough, DH always goes mad at me saying I don't look further than my nose for things blush.

I'll deffo phone MW in EPU tomorrow, just psyching myself up for the usual routine, I get really down going into the hospital - too many bad memories. I just need to get a grip and deal with it - what's to be will be and all that.

SesQal Sun 10-Aug-08 15:46:59

Scotlass - I'm sorry for you mcs but this sounds good news. I can understand why you don't want to get too excited though (am ttc dc1 myself and had mc). My advice would be to phone EPU as cece has suggested.
With regards to the aspirin, I would just take the 75mg (sorry am a pharmacist as well!)

Fingers crossed that this continues to be a happy story and do let us know how you get on.

Thinking of you. x

SesQal Sun 10-Aug-08 15:49:37

Scotlass - sorry x-post

IKWYM about the memories when you go to the EPU. Do you have a good friend that will go with you? I had mc in April and then suspencted 2nd mc in June and dreaded going back but phoned a friend and explained and she was only to happy to help.

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 15:57:21

Thanks SesQal I'm sorry for your loss too - good luck with ttc.

75mg it is (well as from tomorrow).

I'm imagining all sorts of pains but I think it might be butterflies or hopefully implantation pain. Can anyone shed some light on implantation pain?

babyjamas Sun 10-Aug-08 15:58:56

i was the same as you 3 years ago - found myself pregnant after 3 mc. actually i didn't go to the gp to register pregnancy until i was 13 weeks - up until then i thought if i was going to miscarry it was going to happen whatever - and tbh, i was happy to deal with that myself rather than go through the rigmarole of hospitals all over again (i do realise there are dangers in doing this tho'- and of course i missed out on nuchal scan but that was a choice i made). i did take 75mg aspirin as soon as i found out i was pg (that is the recommended dose). i do know that progestreone is recommended by some drs so by going to epu that might also be offered??
i finally gave birth to dd2 at 27 weeks - but have a history of prem births anyway. she is now fit and well and going merrily through the terrible 2's.
i know how hard it is to be pregnant after so many mc - i didn't tell dh for a week, he guessed in the end - not sure why, almost like if i didn't tell him it wasn't real and wouldn't be so bad when i lost it. wishing you lots of luck.

SesQal Sun 10-Aug-08 15:59:10

I don't claim to be an expert on implantation pain but I think it is similar to AF pain but sometimes a little lower which is why it can be so confusing I guess.

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 16:03:30

Didn't catch your second post before replying SesQal.

My friends are kind of all dealing with their own issues just now. One friend desperately ttc but nothing's happening so don't want to bother her. My other friend is not particularly maternal and probably would come but tbh DH is the only person I feel would help and he isn't home for ages (well about 6 weeks). TBH I kind of feel like the EPU staff know me now (4 visits in a year) so will brave this time out and make sure DH comes if we get far enough along for a scan.

SesQal Sun 10-Aug-08 16:06:25

I'm glad the EPU staff are good. I found them excellent and v kind & supportive at my local.

6 weeks is a long time for your DH to be away but I guess if it's his job you may be a little used to it. Will you get chance to talk to him and have a good phone conversation?

justjules Sun 10-Aug-08 16:09:16

hi scotlass,

i know exactly how you feel,

i was shaking when i got my 4th bfp,

can you get the doc to give you high dose folate on top of the asprin, i echo the 75 dose only,

did the place you had your tests say annything about heparin?

can you remind me when your other mc were, weeks? hbs? mmc or mc?

did anything show up on the tests at all?

i will keep everything crossed for you sweets

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 16:13:40

The EPU staff I have to say have been really lovely. I think I cost them a box of tissues each time cos they're so kind and understanding/sensitive it just makes me cry every time even though I will myself not to blub like a baby each time.

DH is forces and works away, getting home as and when he can. We are used to it but it doesn't get easier and makes times like these seem really lonely. The end is in sight though hence trying for DC2 now. A good telephone call depends on DD leaving me in peace and either one of us not being narky due to being tired. It's as babyjamas says though if I don't tell him yet maybe it won't seem as bad if I loose it. One of the things I've been struggling with is the thought that it's my body letting us down.

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 16:20:50

Hi justjules - pg history

DD born 1999
natural mc at 8wks July 2007
mmc at 11+wks (baby died at 9wks) Feb 2008 had ERPC
natural mc at 5wks 6th June 2008

We had blood tests after the mmc which came back fine and more after the last mc which I haven't phoned for results as yet. The MW said she'd recommend the aspiring next time so I was going to do that. I'm kind of suprised to get a +ve but we did have 4 weekends together on the trot and I can't seem to bring myself to go back on contraception as I'm 35 and aware of the clock ticking.

justjules Sun 10-Aug-08 16:53:13

m/c history is almost identical to mine,

8 wks mmc, 5 weeks nat and 11 weeks mmc (with hb) sad

you know that some women only ever test pos for raised clotting levels when pg and not pos when not,

i know you had dd already and if you had a clotting issue you would think she may not have made it but something like 80% of pgs fail with mum having clotting issues, so dd may have been the 20% miricale,

i would ask for the lastest results asap,

get yourself on the asprin, ask for coated ones at boots, they help your tummy, it can give you heartburn, i took mine last thing at night in the end cause it was so bad,

they get the doc to perscribe you 5gm folic acid, something to do with homocysteine print the info on the web search and take it to your gp if needs be,

justjules Sun 10-Aug-08 16:54:47

there is a test avalible but i have no idea how realiable it is

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 17:09:10

Do you know I had a bit of brown spotting with DD, they put it down to hormonal reasons around my AF times hmm. She also has an occassion when the fetal heart went a bit weird and I had to be monitored then when she was born she was in SCBU for 5 days - chest infection. She's a real character so I'm beginning to think she was a fighter and was definately our miracle.

I get really bad heartburn in pregnancy or even sometimes when not pg so thanks for the tip - coated ones for sure.

The only pg that felt right was the mmc, the hormones were really obvious (boobs, nausea, expanding). The 2 natural ones I knew just didn't feel right. I did feel really tired and anaemic and did wonder if I should've asked for a Hb check. I know my iron levels are usually on the lower end of normal - they've rejected me at the blood donor place twice.

This time I keep checking the test to get in to my head it did say pregnant. My pain kind of feels lower down and more sharp that period cramps but anxiety is probably a factor too!

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 17:13:11

P.S Justjules thanks for the links. Are you ttc now or are you pg? I wonder is there any side effects of taking the high dose folic acid??

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 17:16:31

p.s I've just checked out your profile justjules and your baby is gorgeous. You've cheered me up no end.

justjules Sun 10-Aug-08 17:19:31

dd is 4 weeks old now,

pg no 4 worked smile

i did alot of research into mc,

and i asked every question i could think of,

i had asprin, high dose folate and heparin jabs daily,

as far as i know high dose folate will do you no harm anyway but it might make the difference,

my sis had 2 m/c and because of my history was put on asprin and high dose folate and she is 28 weeks now smile

good luck,

this will be the longest 9 months of your life...

justjules Sun 10-Aug-08 17:21:59

thanks smile

i think she is gorge too but then i would wink

join the knicker checkers,

they will keep you sane,

i still pop in now and then to offer support,

scotlass Sun 10-Aug-08 18:16:21

Thanks justjules. I will join the knicker checkers - I think I just can't think I'm pregnant as it's ended so badly the last 3 times.

I think our histories def sound similar so there must be something not right and the aspirin + high dose folate is definately worth a try. Will ask GP and also see what support EPU will give me this time. They just kept telling me I was unlucky and they're sure they'll see me in happier times.

I've been rubbish - haven't done any research into mc apart from reading the threads on MN of course. I suppose having DD has been reassuring and distracting. It seems like 5 mins she was a lovely 4 week old now she's 9 and full of attitude and drama (lost her mobile phone yesterday - grrr to the horrible person who went into the changing room after us and nicked it.)

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