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V V Early pregnancy - when did you know?

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HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 09-Aug-08 21:41:21

Feeling pregnant after 5 days. Boobs v.v.v.v sore (which is how I felt when preggers with DS1). Decided to try for DC2 on Sat on approx 15th day of cycle. Could I really be pregnant already???

WorzselMummage Sat 09-Aug-08 21:49:03

I didnt feel pregnant atall this tinme but got a bfp at 3+2.

you could be pregnant of course, a while till your know though

good luck !

shish Sat 09-Aug-08 21:50:55

I did a test and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with number 2. Could feel something was different before that so you probably are

shish Sat 09-Aug-08 21:51:10

I did a test and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant with number 2. Could feel something was different before that so you probably are

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 09-Aug-08 21:52:28

Thanks, Just keeping it under my hat until I know for sure. Bit worried as last night had a couple of glasses (2) of white wine (yummy Pinot Grigio) and have not got round to getting the folic acid!

onepieceoflollipop Sat 09-Aug-08 21:52:31

I started feeling incredibly dizzy and nauseous just before I did the test. (tested at around 29 days iirc)

My mother said she felt the same.

Funbags Sat 09-Aug-08 22:15:27

its possible to feel it from implantaion or a day or two after this. I started to wonder with this one about 7 days after I ovulated. I normally sleep like a log. Had to get up to pee and had full on all night dreams two nights running - something was definitly different. Had some super sensistive 10ml/iu tests. Really faint line at 8 days past ovulating. Did one test per day for the next few days and watched the line grow darker.

Funbags Sat 09-Aug-08 22:17:02

Though having said all that I wouldn't advise testing too early - I was lucky that time, but have ended wasting money on tests and upsetting myself on more than one prev occaision, so do be careful!

ranirani Sun 10-Aug-08 17:32:23

I felt that Iam PG after a week, but waited to confirm with the test for another couple of weeks. Main symptoms was extreme fatique andsore boobs

babyinbelly Sun 10-Aug-08 20:17:20

I knew that I was pg before I tested at 4w. Mainly because other times I have done negative test I have not been able to wait to get home so done them in tesco loo's. However this time I couldn't bear the thought of finding out I was pregnant in such a way. The complete horror at doing the test in tesco was what made me know before testing!!!

So yes, if you feel in your instinct that you are pregnant you may well be.

laweaselmys Sun 10-Aug-08 20:33:56

I have a feeling my body reacted straight from the very start, as 9 days into my cycle I suddenly went off alcohol and my breasts went up a cup size?! I have no idea what I actually conceived though. But this is all retroactive knowledge as I honestly just didn't think anything about it until I was 2 days late and got a BFP, as was really busy moving house at the time!
Have also wasted tonnes of money on early tests before, and a few people mentioned knowing early made them more panicky? So with next DC's will sit on my hands and resist the urge.

SalBySea Sun 10-Aug-08 22:17:46

got a bfn at week 4
tested again at week 5 because I noticed tha my nipples were very dark and got BFP (sometimes have longer cycles so that didnt flag it up for me)

looking back I had loads of other symptoms:
peeing ALL the time
boobs up a cup size
metalic taste in mouth
change in appetitie and gone off choc shock
but I didnt 'know' or feel pregnant

Reesie Thu 14-Aug-08 21:55:34

I'm just 4 1/2 weeks pregnant with dc 2. This time (and last time) I had a dream about a baby. The baby wasn't pivotal in the dream but this time I dreamt that a friend brought one to the house and last time I dreamt that I found a baby in a lift. Both dreams occured about a week after conception. I'm not into fortune telling or things like that but thought it was a bit strange!

WowOoo Thu 14-Aug-08 21:58:30

I really thought I was a few months ago but wasn't at all - just tot warn you incase you get your hopes up too much.

BTW. Love your name. Makes me want to sing. Will go on YouTube now!

LilRedWG Thu 14-Aug-08 21:58:44

I had a period at four weeks and finally tested at six weeks - but I knew before I looked at the test.

Alexa808 Fri 15-Aug-08 07:06:37

Felt pregnant a week after conception. We had been trying and I was supertired and slept and slept... Went off alcohol, too.

At 4 weeks I did a test to confirm it & at 5 weeks I saw my GP to book me in with a consultant.

I dreamed twice about my baby but couldn't see her properly, all was blurred but got a very strong feeling that it was a girl I was looking at. And it is! Now 32 weeks and cannot wait to see her little face.

Alexa808 Fri 15-Aug-08 07:07:34

Oh, and good luck!!!

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Fri 15-Aug-08 07:43:47

the wine won't do any harm as you won't have a placenta yet, if you are.

mammyofET Fri 15-Aug-08 07:47:17

I felt pg 4 days before period was due. Swollen boobs made me do a test and it was +ve.

First symptom was an increase in thirst and a really profound sense of smell. I had to put a used coffee cup in a bin in someone elses office because the smell was driving me mad. (Didn't realise I was pg at this time).

caramelbunny Fri 15-Aug-08 08:20:54

I suspected something less than a week after fertilisation this time. Went off alcohol and felt so awful that I thought I'm either pg or quite ill. After wasting quite a bit of money on tests, finally discovered was pg.
Good luck and as others have said, try to resist testing too soon!

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