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My iron tablets dont seem to be making me feel better, still exhausted,anxiety attacks,breathless

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babybarmy Sat 09-Aug-08 20:14:53

I wrote on here a little while ago as I was feeling terrible and then discovered I had very low iron levels so put the exhaustion,tearfulness,anxiety attacks and insomnia down to this.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been taking iron for 3 weeks but still dont feel better. I was worried about depression but dont think it is that now.Why do I still feel so awful? I'm knackered all the time,panicky,sick and gasping for breath even when I'm not even moving about.

Anyone else had this?

loujay Sat 09-Aug-08 20:32:43

Poor you sad.
Low iron does make you feel crap.I was the same when pregnant with DS.
It might be worth going back to the midwife to discuss it again with her, maybe get another blood test done.
Spatone is good to take for low iron - it is a liquid that you can get form health food shops, stick it in some orange juice to help absorption - the equivalent of 10lb of broccoli or something in one sachet (you can take 2 sachets a day when pregnant)
Try and get as much rest as you can.
Hope you feel better soon xx

hayleybop Sat 09-Aug-08 20:43:45

I had this in early pregnany. Panic attacks , heart palputations, anxiety and insomnia. Is it your first pregnancy? Maybe you have alot on your mind, worrid about the birth, being a new parent ect..
I had hypnotherapy, accupuncyure, herbel remadies of which to no avail.
I then had some Reiki off a friend, quite deep reiki which gets rid of negative energy. I had three sessions, I felt awfull after the first session but this was all the negative energy coming out and after the third session I felt amazing and unstressed. I could do with a top up again as I am 28 weeks and feel a bit crap.
You could go visit your doctor who could perscribe you anti anxiety pills or pills for depression if you are totally stressed and you have tryed everthing in the book to chill out but your still not relaxed.
I am on citalapram very low dosage, no side effects, o.k. to take in pregnancy, takes the edge off things and helps you sleep a whole lot better, it is notorius in pregnancy to suffer from all the symptoms that you are suffering from.
Theres so much to think about all you need to do is relax. Do you work or are you still working?
Maybe take a week off work to relax and spend some time doing things that you enjoy.
Hope you get some sleep tonight. I have been there, dont look at the clock if you wake up, it will only fustrate you to see time passing by and your not sleeping. When I wake up now I do just lie there and I do drift back off to slepp o.k only to wake up again in another two hours. I have had to train myself how to fall asleep again. It prenancy, nobody ever tells you about all the crap that comes with being pregnant. Good luck and all the best with your sleep.

star6 Sun 10-Aug-08 05:52:43

You can get it at holland and barrett. I had same problem... still do! I'm 31 weeks and tried taking 1 tab 3X day, then 2 3X day then 3 3X day and it just wasn't being absorbed for some reason (yes, even with orange juice). I have a very healthy diet and worked very hard to eat iron rich foods but my hb level is still below 7 and it's really frustrating. BUT the ONE thing that did increase the level (from extremely low to just low) was floradix. It's all natural and has loads of other great stuff for you in it, too... and it tastes great!! When I asked dr/mw about floradix they thought it wouldn't work because not as much iron in it as the tablets. But it did work!!
There is also an iron injection that they can give you, but my dr/mw are hesitant to do so hmm I'm not sure why but I hope they decide to soon because it takes time to work and need energy for the birth.
Try floradix and ask about the injection if the level is really low. I know how you feel... it's also a lot of anxiety mixed in. I hope you feel better soon

babybarmy Sun 10-Aug-08 14:00:49

So glad to know I'm not alone on this one,all of your comments are great. I loved my first pregnancy but this one has made me feel so negative and I'm quite an upbeat person.

I don't feel worried about the birth and the baby is fine and moving a lot.I did have a miscarriage last year but I feel like I have dealt with that well and moved on.

I might get another blood test done just to see what my iron levels are now and maybe try Floradix and relaxation techniques.I just get a wave come over me, normally in the evenings and then I'm shaking,panicky and want to throw up and all the things that worry me a bit usually, seem massively heightened.

I know my symptoms are typical in pregnancy and I do have a 3 year old running me ragged and im still working.It just feels like I dread each day feeling this bad but I'm sure it's chemical/hormonal rather than depression and don't want to go down the counselling and antidepressant route.I was hoping the iron tablets would magically cure me! :-)

starsong32 Sun 10-Aug-08 19:24:11

hi I had this and had to fight to get blood levels checked but asked specifically for a vitamin b12 check and was found to be very low in it. It has the same symptoms as anaemia. Hope this helps!

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