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Pregnancy feelings

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Clairedaz Sat 09-Aug-08 15:50:31

Can anyone help- found out pg again (5.5wks) after 2 mmc.

Have felt nauseaus a couple of times and get hot flushes but boobs not sore.

Am worried that things could go wrong again -am I being paranoid?

Have not registered with doctors yet want to visit EPU first at about 8-9 weeks for early scan before going through the rigmoral of filing out all the forms.

Is there anyone out there who feels the same as me?

salstars Sat 09-Aug-08 16:08:38

Hi clairedaz - congrats in your news - you're about 3 or 4 days in front of me.

if it helps, I had a m/c in May (at 5.5 wks) and so am nervous about whether this one will work - and it feels like this next week is really crucial - if I get through to next Saturday then it will feel like a major hurdle overcome.

I feel completely different to last time - I'm having a down day today - maybe it's the weather... and my boobs are really sore.

I'm sure you'll be fine - just take each day as it comes.

salstars Sat 09-Aug-08 16:09:44

Sorry - didn't mean my last message to sound so down! All you can do is hope for the best - nothing to say that we won't both be celebrating next April.

Hope all goes well for you.

Clairedaz Sat 09-Aug-08 16:16:56

My hurdle will be the first scan as that is when I found out the last 2 times.

Don't want to sound crude but everytime go to the loo keep checking for any signs.

Hope all goes well for you as well.

Please keep in touch as if all goes well it will be nice to go through the motions with someone else.

WorzselMummage Sat 09-Aug-08 17:43:21

I'm 6+4 after a MMC and feeling really ropey, i felt horrid last time too though so it doesnt give me much reassurance .

I know what you mean about the hastle of filling out forms, there seems to be no point in seeing the MW if its all going to go wrong again.

We had a scan at the EPU last week and all was well, they wont give me another till 12 weeks though even though my last loss was my 3rd miscarriage, they said if i had another then i wouldnt get the 12 week on.. i feel like i am stuck between a rock and a hard place, for some reason i assumed they'd offer me a reassurace scan but no.

I have booked my booking appointment with the MW for 9+4 and a private viability scan for 9+3 so at least i will know, last time i booked our baby had already died.. what a massive waste of paper.

It normal to feel paranoid, its horrible isnt it

Hopefully it will all go ok for us all this time

Sorry for your losses.

P.s, i'm knicker ( and paper, pants and towels ) checking too !

Clairedaz Sat 09-Aug-08 18:34:54

I know they won't even check you out until you have 3 mc.

Still at least we aren't the only ones to go through this.

As the saying goes "if at first you don't suceed...."

Have already said that if anything happens you not stop trying.

Have a fantastic dh whois so supportive that I wouldn't know what I would do without his support.

salstars Sun 10-Aug-08 09:02:50

Yes, we'll have to stay in touch. I only joined mumsnet this weekend but have already found so much reassurance and support in the threads that I've read.

All the best.

becklespeckle Sun 10-Aug-08 09:10:01

Hi and congrats on your pgs! Am not pg but having had mcs in the past I know where you are coming from and could not pass without pointing you towards these ladies. They are all at different stages of pg after mc and understand just how you feel - this thread kept me sane when I was pg with DD (now 7 months)!

As for your symptoms, mine changed all time, some days I felt rough, others okay and on those days I panicked - its natural to after suffering a loss. Fingers crossed that all will be well this time for you!

Clairedaz Sun 10-Aug-08 11:19:15

salstars - I have moved over to the antenatal due in april 09 thread now. My way of trying to be optimistic.

Lots of pgs - see you there

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