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question about my bits now during pg and whats going to happen after!

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mad4mybaby Fri 08-Aug-08 18:33:44

had 2nd degree tear with ds (2) and was stitched and was in pain for a long time. had to sit on a pillow for about 8 weeks and was a good few months after that it didnt ache when sitting down. I put off my smear as was worried about it hurting as sex occasionally hurt and though i hadnt been stitched up properly. Went to my lovely lady gp who did my smear and checked i was stiched ok, she said it was fine and even sent me for an internal scan to check those bits and all was fine. So just figured it was just 'different' after giving birth.

Now 24 weeks pg and if i sit down on a hard chair (like when on comp)for a length of time i feel all achey again down there. Like after id healed. Is this just something to do with pg do you think? Also worried about the state of it after giving birth again... terrified of needing stitches again

PetitFilou1 Fri 08-Aug-08 19:01:20

I think it is probably just the baby getting heavier and the weight on your bits that is causing the aches - all normal.

Yes you might need stitches again (I had a 2nd degree tear both times - who knows this time) but you might not as you have already been stretched once. NCT do a thing called a valley pillow which you can hire - you might want to look one up in advance. Even if you do need stitches again the experience will be different this time.

waitingtobloom Fri 08-Aug-08 20:48:50

I had an episiotomy and a similar experience as you - why do smear tests always seem to crop up close to giving birth?!

At about 24 weeks ish I panicked as it was really aching and hurting when I sat on it. Now at 36 weeks it doesnt seem to ache anymore. I have been doing perennial massage every now and again - really massaging and stretching the area and it seems to have helped - is no longer sore to stretch and I cant feel the scar as much - both in terms of tissue and aching.

As for the issue of tearing again wish I could be supportive but terrified there! I will let you know in a few weeks lol


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