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Engagement versus start of spd? Any experiences of ideas?

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waitingtobloom Fri 08-Aug-08 09:25:33

I am 36 weeks today with second baby. My son never engaged before labour so was relatively pain free. This time around I am sure baby has engaged - bump is very low and fundal height has dropped.

I started getting pains when this happened and they have gradually got worse. It is mainly the shock/stabbing pain in the cervix when I walk - if I stop then walk more carefully its ok. Its a strong enough pain to stop me in my tracks and to gasp sometimes (great for scaring random members of the public lol) but goes within a few seconds. The whole area feels swollen and a bit bruised - like I have been riding a bike for too long and the pubic bone at the front sometimes feels sore and kind of loose. I have to walk slowly and it feels like something is pressing on my pelvic floor and sometimes bum - reminds me of the feeling I got after ds was born - like something had pressed its way through there (that would be the baby lol)

It is easier in the morning and gets worse at night - last night I could barely walk for it. Some people have suggested spd but I can open my legs wide apart without pain, rolling over in bed isnt painful, my hips and back do not hurt - just the front, its fine when Im sleeping or lying down, nothing is clicking or clunking.

I dont want to ring my mw as she is a bit hospital happy and likes to make a fuss over tiny things and i dont want anything getting in the way of my homebirth unless it has to.

What do you think? Baby engaging? Or the start of SPD? Any ideas or experiences would be much appreciated


oopsacoconut Fri 08-Aug-08 09:30:44

It sounds just like baby dropping - i'm now 38 weeks and someone has given my baby some knitting needles which she has used for the last 4 weeks to poke my cervix!!! It stops me suddenly in my tracks and is random. Spoke to my midwife who says it is just pressure on the cervix and is a good thing hmm I also have SPD which causes pain when rolling over in bed and getting out of bed - which is about the only time I feel it.

madmouse Fri 08-Aug-08 09:33:32

Certainly baby engaging, possibly a touch of SPD. It does sound like what I had and they called it SPD, although it disappeared with rest before the birth.

Even if it is SPD though, homebirth is best as you need to be in control as much as possible. The enemies are labouring on your back on a bed and stirrups.

Sit up straight supported by cushions, don't walk more than you need to.

ajm200 Fri 08-Aug-08 09:43:15

Another SPD sufferer here.

It sounds like the baby has dropped down. It has the same effect on the pelvic ligaments as SPD stretching everything and making the pelvic joints more mobile.

If you ask the MW/Dr and they think it is SPD they will tell you to rest as much as possible. In my experience, this just makes it worse. Controlling the pain is a fine balancing act between activity and rest. Sitting around too much makes my SPD get much worse as does too much activity. I find it is best to potter around the house and rest for a few minutes each hour.

hatcam Fri 08-Aug-08 09:50:47

Combination of both, sounds like! I have had similar pains but also with the classic pain on rolling over in bed and grinding/crunching in pelvic's head partially engaged early (31/32 weeks).

On Sunday could barely walk (and I promise I'm not the layabout type, more the hyperactive jump about exercise freak type), in desperation saw an osteopath on Tuesday morning and have very little pain now. Would highly recommend it.

Also agree that inactivity doesn't help SPD - light activity is perfect, do your pelvic floor as often as poss to support your pelvic structure, use your back muscles when lifting, try to keep weight evenly on both feet, if swimming no breastroke....probably teaching you to suck eggs, sorry.

Good luck.

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