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Not ready for maternity clothes but what size to buy?

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GYo Thu 07-Aug-08 20:22:19

I am 8.5wks , originally a size 10, Im finding my 10 trousers and even some 12s are getting tight. In a week or two most of my work trousers will be redundant!

I really need some advice as to what to buy in the way of work clothes.

I was going to buy some size 14 trousers but didnt really know how long they might last and I dont want to waste money.

Should I go straight to maternity trousers?

Any advice please grin

farenth Thu 07-Aug-08 21:27:52

Hi, I've only had one child, but my advice is to go straight to maternity clothes. For my pregnancy, i went up the sizes and only had maternity clothes for the last two months. What a difference. Maternity clothes are designed to stretch with you and are soooo comfortable!

It will also mean that they will last you longer than other clothes. BTW I was a size 12 before going to 14, 16 then maternity clothes. Most nowadays can be disguised if you have yet to tell people too. Congratulations and Good luck!

rrrayray Thu 07-Aug-08 21:32:05

I too would say straight to maternity clothes. Going up a size wont necessarily help you out too much, maternity clothes are designed to fit you where you are expanding. Also, mentally its nice to keep buying clothes in your regular size!!!

thisisyesterday Thu 07-Aug-08 21:32:12

yepo I'd go with maternity too.
I don't get the whole "buy a bigger size" mentality. just means you have to buy even more clothes surely? becasue you will need maternity stuff at some point.

you will be sooooo relieved when you get into it though lol

MiniMarmite Thu 07-Aug-08 21:33:56



I started off a size 10 too and found that I needed size 8 or 10 maternity clothes depending on the shop. I'm now at the end of my pregnancy and need a size 12 maternity so don't be alarmed when that happens!

I would agree with farenth - go straight for maternity clothes, especially for trousers.

laura325630 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:34:25

Congratulations x I have a dd who is 8 weeks old now. I made the mistake of buying bigger clothes that I was only in for a few weeks. The best thing to do is to shop properly for maternity clothes. I got some great work trousers from Next with buttons and elastic in the side that you adjust as you get bigger. I think you can get jeans that are the same. New Look do some great maternity clothes, I wasnt fussed by Mothercare ones, Blooming Marvellous do nice ones and Next are fab! Good luck x

lilyloo Thu 07-Aug-08 21:36:24

Hi i struggled with maternity stuff though in the early weeks.
I bought linen trousers in a size bigger they lasted until maternity things fit properly.

Tinkerisdead Thu 07-Aug-08 21:36:30

Second all of that, i was about ten weeks when i just relented and went for size 10 maternity clothes. im now 25 weeks but ive found mat clothes heavenly especially over the bump trousers. I would like to pass a law that all women should have over the bump jeans as they are comfy as hell !!

TheProvincialLady Thu 07-Aug-08 21:38:05

Oh yes maternity clothes all the way. Though the trousers will fall down for the first 8 months few weeks and it is a pain. But much more comfortable. I am currently wearing maternity jeans held up by a bizarre scarf/braces arrangement that I have devised.

hf128219 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:38:05

I bought:
1 pair maternity jeans and 2 pairs maternity trousers

3 maternity tops

All in my normal size.

I just wore my normal wrap dresses etc for work for the whole pregnancy. And bought bigger tights!!

I was determined not to blow a lot on maternity clothes!

lilyloo Thu 07-Aug-08 21:39:42

Or on the cheap skate front the bobble method got me through them in between weeks and was a help to lot's on the antenatal board too!

laura325630 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:41:55

Over the bump jeans are great!! I am saving mine for next time!

I also bought some stuff from Ebay, loads cheaper and good quality as not worn much! Also some new items on there too.

farenth Thu 07-Aug-08 21:42:54

Hi Lilyloo. What's the bobble method? Sounds quite practical...

lilyloo Thu 07-Aug-08 21:46:17

basically get hair bobble thread through button hole loop over itself and then pop over button.
They sell something quite similair to get extra life out of your own trousers but this was as effective and cheaper!

farenth Thu 07-Aug-08 21:59:18

Sounds great. My mum gave me one of the 'regular' types, but I burst the elastic on first use when I tried it. It couldn't cope with my bump! I'll have to try your version next time wink

ajm200 Thu 07-Aug-08 22:06:40

a bobble trouser extender is great. Saves a lot of hassle in the early days when your clothes doen't fit and maternity wear it too big

If you do the bobble method, make sure your tops long enough to cover. I didn't quite get it right on one occasion and sat with my undies on show at work all day. No-one told me until the end of the day.. so embarrassing as I worked in an all male dept.

Also make sure that the button is sewn on well as the bobble method does put a bit of extra strain on the button.

dinkystinky Fri 08-Aug-08 09:03:46

Formes do various bellybands (basically stretchy bands of elastic you can put over your trousers to hide the fact that the zip isnt all the way up/buttons done up by elastic etc.) - managed to wear my work suits last time round until about 5 months that way...

Topshop does nice maternity trousers that are good for early pregnancy (invested heavily in those last time and will be dusting them off for this pregnancy) and look non-maternity.

Gina80 Fri 08-Aug-08 09:14:03


Agree - maternity straight away. 1st time I was so bloated I had to go into the trs at 7wks!!! This time I have held off until 11wks smile If you just buy bigger sized regular clothes they are too big everywhere but your stomach and you'll look a bit silly with a saggy bum and crotch hanging half way down your thighs!

DottyP cargo trs and Topshop jeans & smart trs are quite tight so good for the 1st few months until you get a proper bump that will fill some of the other brands that are a bit bigger.

bikerunski Fri 08-Aug-08 09:44:36

I got soem jeans and trousers, but carried on wearing my oridnary T shirts and tops for a while. Then I got some ordinary stretch t shirts from Primark for a £2 each, a size bigger than normal. Gap and Priomark T shirts are quite long. at 34 weeks now, I refuse to buy anymore clothes, but am wearing Primark boob tubes round my middle as bump tubes to fill in the gap between the end of my tops and top of my trousers.

I love maternity trousers. After about 10 weeks I couldn't stand anything tight aroudn my waist.

witchandchips Fri 08-Aug-08 09:48:32

I think it also depends on the cut of the clothes, i've got a few empire line dresses in just one size up that i expect to see me through to the end

GYo Fri 08-Aug-08 10:42:28

Wow thanks for all your responses ladies. grin this has really helped. I will look out for topshop etc for early preg stuff before going elsewhere

Has anyone had underbump jeans - are they comfy?

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Fri 08-Aug-08 10:47:34

I bought 2 pairs maternity jeans (one pair ebay, one next) 2 pairs maternity trousers, 3 pack maternity vests and 5 larger sized t shirts from primark. I also bought 2 dresses and some larger sized leggings that have done perfectly. I bought a couple of other things that were a bit pointless as they were under the bump and I just don't find it comfortable especially now I'm bigger.

My advice would be to buy a few tops in a bigger size, and a couple of pairs of good maternity trousers to start with. You can always add to them when you know what you need/what you find comfortable.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Fri 08-Aug-08 10:48:44

Oh and with under bump trousers - they are ok (I'm wearing mine today) but you need a very long maternity top or you get bump display! I have tied a scarf round my middle to cover the bit between top and trousers.

zoejeanne Fri 08-Aug-08 11:22:49

I did read on a thread somewhere that it's good to have some larger non maternity clothes, as after you've given birth you'll be sick of maternity but fit back into your regular size.

I half way there now and have just bought my first maternity clothes this week, I'm trying to hold off til the winter clothes are out as I know getting summer maternity wear will be a waste. I've managed so far with long cheap t-shirts (as bikerunski) and bobbles (as lilyloo). Might get a bump band though!

Congratulations to GYo

TheProvincialLady Fri 08-Aug-08 11:23:06

All my stuff is under bump and it is comfy but more prone to falling down in my experience.

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