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Large yolk sac - now THIS is scaring me

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corgikelly Thu 07-Aug-08 14:36:56

Sorry for posting again so soon -- I posted earlier about a smaller-than-desired fetus on my 7-week scan today.

I just realised that all of the precise measurements were on the pics she gave us, so I looked at them and, yes, regrettably, started googling.

So ? heart rate was 141 bpm. It should be between 120-180 bpm at 7 wks. So that?s actually okay.

CRL (crown rump length) was 7.8 mm, which equates to an age of 6 wks 4 days. A bit behind, but not bad.

GS (gestational sac) diameter was 20.1 mm, which equates to an age of 6 wks 2 days. Slightly less good.

YS (yolk sac) diameter was 4.9 mm. Normal would be 2.9 mm. And this is where I realise I should never, ever google. Information I've found in a dozen academic papers concurs that a larger than normal YS is associated with adverse outcome in the fetus. In general, a YS diameter of greater than 5.6 mm before 10 weeks is predictive of embryonic demise or gross chromosomal abnormality.

I think I want to weep. And what I don't understand is why what seems to be the scariest piece of the puzzle, the yolk sac, wasn't even MENTIONED by the technician.

I don't know how I'm going to get through the next week until the next scan. sad

oopsacoconut Thu 07-Aug-08 14:46:31

First of all - STOP GOOGLING

Secondly - when we had our first scan at what we knew was 7 weeks - they measured a tiny fetus with heartbeat, yolksac and couldn't measure HB as it was too small. So I did the whole panic thing wanting to go back the next week for another scan - they suggested waiting for 2 weeks, we waited for 3.5 weeks as had a holiday booked, and when we went back at 11 weeks there was our bubs all perfectly sized for age and we booked aa nuchal for the following week and they checked her out and she was fine.

Please try not worry - all fetus' develop at different rates - at 7 weeks they told us ours was only 3.2mm but at 11 was measuring spot on for 11 weeks. If there had been any reason for concern they would have referred you to speak to the midwide or consutant.

HUGS and fingers crossed for the next scan.

luckywinner Thu 07-Aug-08 14:49:23

I have scans from both my dc at 7 weeks. My dd is asleep in the room where the photo albums but when she wakes up I am going to look on the pics/details to see if I can reasssure you.
I really feel for you, but agree with oops, step away from google!

MiniMarmite Thu 07-Aug-08 14:54:58

Hi Corgi

I am a great one for googling and panicking myself...all I can say is that in general you will find what you are looking for and it is human nature focus on the bad stuff - even if there are positive outcomes. I was once paranoid about using my hairdryer during pregnancy because there was some research about electrical equipment and miscarriage. Most of the time, what will be will be and it is out of our control.

I am also a great one for dreading scans as my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and we only found at the scan so I understand how difficult the coming week will be for you.

I know there's not much anyone can say to reassure you. Having a successful pregnancy must mean everything in the world to you right now, and rightly so, and it will be hard to feel ok until you know that the prognosis is good.

All I can say is that it's good news that your baby has a heartbeat. Please hold onto this hope.

I'm now 38+5 in my second pregnancy and I have found that the only way to get through is to take each little milestone as it comes. Talking about my fears in between helped immensely.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you...

luckywinner Thu 07-Aug-08 15:03:48

Right have had a quick look and my ds (who is v healthy) was a bit bigger rump size 7.0 and the sac was 4.0. So on the big side. I think it is so difficult when you are waiting in between scans. I had a miscarriage before ds so I remember the time between 7 week scan and 10 week scan was torture.
Looking back at your op my ds was smaller than your baby at the mo and he came out at 8lb 10!
I don't know how helpful I am being but keep posting if it makes you feel more reassured.

corgikelly Thu 07-Aug-08 15:36:43

Thank you so much, everyone. Luckywinner, I can't tell you how much it helps to hear from someone who had a larger-than-normal YS and went on to a normal pregnancy. Although the idea of an 8lb10 baby makes my nether regions cringe! smile

I'm stepping away from Google now, and I will just hang on to the heartbeat until next Wednesday.

TreadmillMom Thu 07-Aug-08 15:38:42

We're all different, tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, clever, dumb, black, white etc, etc. What on earth makes you think we should all fit the same tick box at 7 weeks gestation?
Don't go through your childs early years analysising where they should be at compared to others, you'll go insane and put yourself and your child under uneccesary pressure.
Its challenging enough being a parent.

feedmenow Thu 07-Aug-08 15:52:13

I had a scan at my 8 weeks. Yolk sac and gestational sac were about 7.5 weeks. CRL said 6 weeks!

Had another scan 2 weeks later (when I was 10 weeks by me and 8 weeks by their first scan) and they said 9 weeks.

Had another scan last week (when I was 13 by me, 11 by their first scan and 12 by the second). I was 13 weeks! Only 1 dat different from what I had originally said!

I panicked at the first can because of the discrepancy between sacs and CRL, but they can't be all that accurate that early on, despite what they say.

Try not to worry too much. You only have a week to wait - not too bad really. Just take one day at a time and it will be next week before you know it!

luckywinner Thu 07-Aug-08 19:19:41

Yes 8lb 10 was a bit of an ouch considering I am a size 6. Just lay off the double deckers and you should be alright. I think pregnancy is so different for everyone and measurements are never a given. When I as 20 weeks they told me off for not gaining enough weight and then I went on to have my ds weighing as he did. Keep posting though. Would love to know how you got on. And remember for all the statistics there are always the other side, for example if they said 1 in a 100 pregnancies with those measurements meant abnormalities then that means that 99 pregnancies were normal. It's always the scary numbers we cling on to though isn't it.

corgikelly Wed 13-Aug-08 14:25:35

After freaking out for the past week (and being talked down from the Google edge by a number of you!), I just wanted to fill you in on the results of my 8-week ultrasound this morning – to make a short story shorter, everything looks normal(!)

We had a different technician, and that made SUCH a difference – he was very friendly and clear, and luckily for my partner, preferred speaking English to French (which meant it was like being scanned by Tintin with a Cambridge accent…).

So we walked in and he said, “All right, you’re here for a follow-up ultrasound so we can check on a hemorrhage.” WHAT? No one said anything about a hemorrhage! I told him as much, saying that the only thing we’d been told was that the fetus was smaller than normal, and the yolk sac was enlarged, and that I’d spent the past week Googling myself into a frenzy. He apologized for that and said, “Let’s see what we can do to put your mind at ease.”

Heartbeat – strong and fast.
Gestational sac – properly sized for 8 weeks
Yolk sac – “Perfectly normal – it’s not enlarged.”
Some evidence of a past bleed (at this point, I said, “Can I put my Googling to use and enquire if the hemorrhage you’re talking about is the same thing as a sub-chorionic bleed?” He looked rather disconcerted smile; turns out it is, which I guess translates into a small detachment of the gestational sac from the wall of the uterus?). But no new bleeds and no enlargement of the previous one.
Fetal length – this is where we learned the limits of early u/s. He said, “Unfortunately, yours is waaaaay up at the far end of the uterus, so it’s going to look fuzzy and it’ll be hard to get precise measurements” – and indeed, he measured three times and got anything from 12 mm (7 weeks 3 days) to 15.1 mm (8 weeks even).

Soooo – at the end he said everything looked perfectly fine and that he was only going to give me the pictures if I promised to do no Googling for a week, which made me laugh.

Feel like a huge hurdle has been passed, and hopefully I can relax a bit until my 10-week appt with the ob-gyn.

Many, many thanks for all your positive thoughts – I am convinced they did a world of good. Onward and upward (or outward, I suppose...I wonder when I'll start showing?)

MiniMarmite Wed 13-Aug-08 15:09:22

Fabulous news grin! And well done on getting through the last week, must've been quite a worry for you.

Hopeysgirlwasntbig Wed 13-Aug-08 19:47:36

I too had a somewhat 'dodgy' 7 week scan and made the fatal error of googling. With me, my yolk sac was smaller than average and what I found on the net was VERY grave, I basically was waiting for an inevitable miscarriage which I'm glad to say never happened and my beautiful DD is sleeping peacefully upstairs as I write this.

Tinternet can be a very scary place!

Am SO glad you feel more reassured. Pregnancy can be frightening at times. Good luck and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and without stress smile

justmee Wed 20-Aug-08 15:56:48

i had a miscarriage 2 and a half months ago
and im pregnant again i think im about 6 weeks my last period was 9th july but we didnt start trying untill the 22nd ..
went to doctors yesturday and he mesured me at 3.2mm im not sure if it was the sac or the baby because i live in a foriegn country and the laugage barrier is hard to understand...and asked if i was sure beacuse im mesuring too small he says if it hasnt grown it means iv lost it again..
i havnt had any pains but im worried has any one has this happen to them??
please reply

MiniMarmite Wed 20-Aug-08 17:05:13

Hi Justmee

Didn't want to leave your post unanswerered but not sure what to say. Sorry to hear about your recent miscarriage.

With your current pregnancy, if you're 6 weeks, it may be too early too tell at the moment. Another scan in a couple of weeks is probably a good idea. Is it possible to go somewhere where English is spoken so you can make sure you get the information you need more clearly?

I have had a silent miscarriage in the past where there were no real symptoms (although I did have some mild stomach cramps and things just didn't feel quite right). I found out at a scan at 10 weeks that I booked privately because I was worried.

It might be worth starting a new thread so people can see this is a new question. Other people might have experience of a scan at 6 weeks and have a better idea than me of what can be seen at that stage.

I hope all goes well for you.

evie78 Sat 23-Aug-08 14:31:49

Hi all can anyone tell me if this is common ? im 6 weeks pregnat had an internal u/s yesterday where a blood sack(clot)was detected on top of the yolksac Ive been told very little ! just to go back for another u/s next week and that if I bleed heavily to with pains to go back in can anyone give me any advise on this I feel a little lost ?? thank you

madmouse Sat 23-Aug-08 21:08:52

evie it is best to start your own thread to get the responses you need. If you are not sure how let me know and I will do it for you.

Have no experience so cannot help with your query. sorry.

yasirzakir Fri 26-Dec-08 18:32:31

I was scanned in my 6th week and was reported to be carrying triplets. I had an IVF done. The report says the size of yolk sacs are 3.8mm, 3.2mm and 3.1mm. I'd like to know whether the size mentioned are normal. Please help me if any one knows.

lizsub Sat 18-Jul-09 01:26:42

I too am a google nut!!! hmm by my dates i am 8 weeks exactly today. i had a scan 2 days ago and was told that my baby measured 6weeks4days which is 1 wk 1day smaller than it should be, the heart beat was 92bpm and stop start sad and my yolk sac was 8mm when it should be less than 4mm, shock the doctor from the hospital rang me that night and said my pregnancy was viable but that it may not go well, and yes what did i do i googled hmm not a good idea everything i have read has said everything i didn't want to know. i want positive not negative info...please someone tell me that this is going to have a good outcome i am worried, anxious, sad, angry. i have to wait 4 weeks for another scan to tell me if my baby is ok. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. i already have 5 beautiful children but even though this baby was not exactly planned it is very much wanted and if it doesn't go to plan my husband has informed me that we are not doing it again. please help.

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