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Really need to talk. Am I losing it again?

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roseability Thu 07-Aug-08 12:38:12

Last cycle I had a chemical pregnancy. I conceived again the very next cycle. However all I have had is a few very,very faint lines on First Response tests. My period is now nearly a week late, making me 4+6 weeks (although last period wasn't truly a period due to chemical pregnancy I suppose). I have had a few symptoms but this morning I just felt less pregnant and have had some spotting. It is pink tinged CM and only once on wiping, but I am panicing. I am going to the docs at 15.10 but what can they do really? I want to do another test as the last one I did yesterday morning was very faint, but can't afford to spend more money on the damn things! Anyone to chat to would be nice

roseability Thu 07-Aug-08 13:07:05

Anyone had implantation bleeding?

eth37 Thu 07-Aug-08 13:09:00

It sounds like it could be implantation bleeding?

WorzselMummage Thu 07-Aug-08 13:10:22

I had a period when i ws pregnant with my daughter and all my other pregnancies have had some kind of implantation bleeding or spotting right at the beginning.

Sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy its so cruel is it.

roseability Thu 07-Aug-08 13:19:14

I am clinging to the hope that it is implantation bleeding. 2 chemical pregnancies in a row would be so cruel. I hope the doc does a test that is positive to give me some hope

mammaof5 Tue 12-Aug-08 23:48:41

Avoid all forms of caffeine (chocolate, decaf, non-herbal teas) and try some raspberry tea. Be sure to get the kind that is only raspberry, not one that has other "women's" stuff in it. Then just hope it's implantation. My sister in law had bleeding for a long time in her 4th pregnancy after 3 miscarriages and it went away when she stopped her 1/2 cup of decaf in the morning. Don't waste your money on the tests, just wait and see, you'll be all the more at peace for it.

jollyjolly Wed 13-Aug-08 14:49:17

i had this type of bleed with my 2nd baby and he's fine and healthy now.
As its so early there's nothing that can be done as far as scans go, i don't think.

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