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7-week ultrasound: fetus is "smaller than we'd like" and I'm terrified

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corgikelly Thu 07-Aug-08 12:04:44

Before I start worrying myself sick googling, I thought I'd see if anyone had positive experiences that will make me feel better.

I went for my first ultrasound today (7 weeks exactly). The good news is that we saw a fetus and heard a heartbeat (well, actually, the technician did - I saw a grayish blob and heard something that sounded like intestinal gas). Bad news is that the technician said the fetus is a bit smaller and the heart rate slower than she'd expect at 7 weeks.

So I have to go back in a week for a followup to see how things are developing.

I haven't had any bleeding, and all my bloodwork has been good. But I'm worried sick...first pregnancy at age 37, and I just keep calculating the odds and freaking myself out.

Has anyone had a slow starter that turned into a normal pregnancy?

itsMYmummy Thu 07-Aug-08 12:12:43

Corgikelly, DON'T start googling!

The technician may just mean that you're dates could be wrong? i.e not as far along pregnancy as you thought.

I know it must be hard but focus on the positives, there was a fetus and it had a heartbeat smile

Good luck.

WigglyBumsMum Thu 07-Aug-08 12:17:06

Like IMM said, there WAS a foetus and a heartbeat, so that gives you a good chance.
Fingers crossed for you.

No point worrying yourself, nothing you can do anyway, so you might as well try and stay in the positive.


MmeLindt Thu 07-Aug-08 12:19:33

Are you sure of the dates? A week or two makes a big difference in the early stages.

How are you feeling? Any nausea?

SIL was told that the baby was a bit small right from the start, she was born 4 weeks ago and is still a tiny little thing.

corgikelly Thu 07-Aug-08 13:11:45

Thanks for the positive thoughts (and the anti-google messages!). Because I conceived with IUI, we know to the hour, basically, how old the the foetus is.

I am definitely trying to focus on the positives -- and when the clinic calls with my bloodwork results this afternoon, I will actually ask the questions I was too freaked out to ask the technician -- HOW big is the fetus? WHAT was the heart rate exactly? At least that will give me grounds for comparison (and for googling, if I do go down that slippery slope). Plus, the technician didn't speak much French and my Flemish is rubbish.

No nausea -- the only pregnancy symptom I've had has been fatigue, and I'm someone who glories in a nap even when I'm not pregnant!

rmm Fri 08-Aug-08 09:31:41

I almost felt as though i had written your message.
With IUI you might know when fertilization took place but not implantation! I went for an early scan at 6+4 weeks and the scan measured me 5 weeks. I went back for another scan a week later and it was again a week behind my dates. I'm not at 20 weeks and the bub has caught up on the dates.
I know how hard it is not to worry and i still worry every day and panic before each scan, so i understand!

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