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Large bump in early pregnancy.......?

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FruitynNutty Thu 07-Aug-08 10:11:53

This is my 2nd pregnancy, I'm 7 weeks and my belly is huge already. It's normally relatively flat.
I'm assuming I have got major bloating or something?
Is this normal with 2nd pregnancies? I didn't have any belly for ages with DS. How do I get rid of this excess bloating? My clothes are extremely uncomfortable and theres no way I'm digging out my maternity stuff yet as I'm only 7 weeks gone!

reallyannoyednow Thu 07-Aug-08 10:13:23

With my first pg I put on weight straight away, by 8 weeks my waist had thickened a lot and people had guessed, however things slowed down after that to some kind of normality...

belgo Thu 07-Aug-08 10:14:04

I was in maternity clothes by 7 weeks with my third baby!

It's normal to become bigger faster with second pregnancies.

It could also be fluid retention, or it could be twins (not meaning to scare you!)

ShowOfHands Thu 07-Aug-08 10:17:03

I had a bump very quickly with my first. People guessed from 7 weeks. I was thin, toned and fit beforehand. It slowed down and evened out though. Hung on until 11 weeks and had to wear maternity stuff from then.

FruitynNutty Thu 07-Aug-08 10:17:35

It's not twins grin I asked the sonographer at both my early dating scans (at 4+3 weeks and 6+3 weeks)
How do I get rid of this fluid retention? I don't want my work guessing just yet but it really is getting blatantly obvious already.

ajm200 Thu 07-Aug-08 10:20:17

I had an absolutely huge bump with my first and was in maternity clothes at 9 weeks.

Second time round, people couldn't believe I was pregnant and 20 weeks. I just had a very tiny bump and could still get into my pre-pregnancy jeans at 25 weeks.

I think every pregnancy is different.

It may just be water retention which may be helped by drinking lots of fluids and keeping salt intake down. The other thing is that the muscles have been stretched once and may stretch faster this time round.

Neeerly3 Thu 07-Aug-08 10:21:00

with my second i got lazy after the BFP and just let it all hang out! I had a mini bump at 6 weeks, am now 11+4 and HUGE. Think muscles are slacker and your tummy 'remembers' what to do, so does it sooner. Try some light exercise (swimming) regularly and drink plenty of water to keep away any 'non-pregnancy' weight gain.

WorzselMummage Thu 07-Aug-08 10:23:48

i'm 6+4 and already looking quite big in the evenings. I was in maternity cloths by 9 weeks last time !

i love it

Neeerly3 Thu 07-Aug-08 10:26:18

in fact even though bump is growing alarming, i have continued to lose weight (i was on a diet pre preg and had lost a stone, so thought i would carry on weighing weekly as a bit of a laff - its now pissing my colleagues off as they are gaining and i am losing!)

FruitynNutty Thu 07-Aug-08 10:27:44

oh dear, by the sound of it, it's only going to get bigger. I just had visions of a lovely neat little bump which pops out at around 16 weeks like my 1st hmm I'll try drinking lots of water. I would go swimming but it means serious de-fuzzing blush and I really can;t be bothered with that every time.

reallyannoyednow Thu 07-Aug-08 10:30:43

enjoy it fruity! i am about 16 weeks and you can't tell at all. in a way this suits me as I don't want to tell work for a while yet but there's something about a big belly that's lovely.!I am with you on the swimming/defuzzing thing, the hassle..!

EffiePerine Thu 07-Aug-08 10:32:32


could be water retention which IME goes down after the first trimester

I go big v quickly but now (at about 20 weeks) it seems to have slowed down a bit, and haven't put on much weight overall.

tinkisagracefulshamu Thu 07-Aug-08 16:45:57

i am 17 wks with number 2 and have been big since 8 wks plus in maternity since then.
now am massive

FruitynNutty Thu 07-Aug-08 20:08:43

hmm well I hope it does go down after the 1st trimester because I'll never be able to keep it quiet!
Thanks for the responses ladies grin

Sparkly08 Thu 07-Aug-08 20:25:34

Just stop eating so many cakes wink

RoccocoFlourishes Thu 07-Aug-08 20:28:50

This happened to me. I showed at 9 wks with my 2nd prg. Well, maybe I didn't show but I felt more comfy in larger trousers already.

I had something called diastatys (??) I was huge early on but it didn't get any bigger after 5 months. I looked like I'd been pregnant for 2 yrs. (felt it anyway).

I went round in a kagul for the first 11 wks! glowing like a lamp underneath it!!

FruitynNutty Thu 07-Aug-08 20:52:26

what cakes Sparkly? wink

Sparkly08 Thu 07-Aug-08 21:00:26

Fruity Msn? Need a chat. xx

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