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Am 5 months pg - how reasonable is it to refuse to drive 90+ minutes to other offices?

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ceebee74 Wed 06-Aug-08 20:09:09

Not sure - where I work covers 2 counties so I often have to drive 90-plus minutes to meetings in other offices etc.

Today, for example, I had a 45-minute drive to a meeting and was exhausted afterwards (partly due to the humidity/heat) and tomorrow I have got to do a 90 minute drive for a full day of what could be stressful meetings followed by a 90 minute drive back.

Not sure how long I can carry on doing this but is it pathetic to say I can't do them anymore? Also, it is not really fair on my colleagues as their travel will increase if I do.

What is the MN view?

morningpaper Wed 06-Aug-08 20:11:44

What is the reason that you can't do it? <confused>

hf128219 Wed 06-Aug-08 20:13:07

Ooh difficult one - I think it depends on you and how you feel.

I worked in London up to 37 weeks pregnant - out of the office every day travelling all over on tubes, buses etc. Distances were up to 90 minutes each way. Boy was I knackered!

Don't worry what other people think - just be honest if it is becoming too much for you. Your - and baby's - health is paramount.

IdrisTheDragon Wed 06-Aug-08 20:14:36

I was an auditor when I was pregnant with DS (in 2003) and so was driving all over the place. I do remember I was working at least 90 min drive away when I was about 7 months pregnant (but felt all right with it).

I had been due to work at a client quite a distance away when I was about 36 weeks pregnant, which would have been by public transport, but in the end didn't have to do it.

I did develop pre-eclampsia (although not severely) and had to stop work at 34 weeks pregnant. Obviously I can't tell whether the travelling and anything to do with it, but it could have done.

I would say you aren't pathetic to say you can't do it any more. And really don't worry about your colleagues.

With DD, I was able to work from home much more and although my commute was about 90 min each way, it was mainly by train and I was in the office. Made things a lot easier (and no pre-eclampsia)

WideWebWitch Wed 06-Aug-08 20:17:49

I think you're either fit to work or you're not. Being pregnant shouldn't prohibit you from driving tbh. If you're not fit to work, take the leave early/get signed off. Otherwise yes, I do think it's reasonable to expect you to carry on doing your job.
I think pregnant or not, it's fair enough if you have to travel to a meeting to ask that it starts later/finishes earlier etc.

DoubleBluff Wed 06-Aug-08 20:20:12

think you might be being a bit precious.

dinny Wed 06-Aug-08 20:24:54

I drive 90 mins in and out of work

driving is much less stressful than public transport IMO

umberella Wed 06-Aug-08 20:26:22

I drove 90 mins to work and at least 90 mins (more often 2hrs) back till I was 8 months pg.

unfitmother Wed 06-Aug-08 20:26:54

What is it that you are finding difficult?

umberella Wed 06-Aug-08 20:27:56

I think you should talk to your employers -if you feel it's too much they should accomodate you in any way you can. I found that amount of driving soo tiring and really uncomfortable, particularly later in pg.

dinny Wed 06-Aug-08 20:29:37

can understand in later pg it is a but uncomfy but don't think it's a big deal really

unless there is a medical reason you can't drive that is

hedgepig Wed 06-Aug-08 20:31:30

my boss has been very supportive and I have not traveled at all this pg - normally I have to go to France or Germany once a monthish but I was so sick and tired I just couldn't do it. If it is making you feel ill and you don't want to discuss with your boss in a low key was I would discuss with your mw and get her support to reduce your traveling. Also think of alternative, Can you teleconference, videoconference at all?

ceebee74 Wed 06-Aug-08 20:32:49

No medical reason why I can't do it - just finding it very tiring tbh.

I know 5 months is ridiculously early to be thinking like this, I know I am being pathetic and I am usually of the 'just get on with it nd stop moaning' mindset - think I was just having a bad day today but I was sat at a service station and really struggling to summon the energy to get in my car and drive home blush

MsHighwater Wed 06-Aug-08 20:32:54

I think 5 months is probably too early to say you can't do it at all if you are basically well. It would be different if you were having particular difficulties that were exacerbated by long drives. Then again, if you know that you are feeling the strain more than you used to, then there will come a time when you have to ask for alternative arrangements.

morningpaper Wed 06-Aug-08 20:45:34

Can someone else do the driving?
Can you take public transport, or go up the night before?
Can you sleep during a lunch hour?
Are you getting as much sleep as you need? (even if that is 12 hours a night)

laura325630 Wed 06-Aug-08 21:44:52

Get your employer to do a risk assessment on your role. Chances are they will agree with you and make alternative arrangements. I used to drive around a lot and once bump was getting bigger I made people come to me!

laura325630 Wed 06-Aug-08 21:46:04

Get your employer to do a risk assessment on your role. Chances are they will agree with you and make alternative arrangements. I used to drive around a lot and once bump was getting bigger I made people come to me!

notcitrus Thu 07-Aug-08 00:52:43

If you're getting that tired, your employers need to know that either they adjust the job so you don't have to travel so much, or you're probably going to be on sick leave having collapsed with exhaustion.

Worth talking to them so they know you're finding it difficult so they can plan - maybe cut down driving to 1-2 days a week, or carshare with someone?

bikerunski Thu 07-Aug-08 08:17:12

Your employer has to do a risk assesment on how you do your job whilst you are pg, by law. If you are finding long drives difficult etc you must raise this and ask them to find an alternative.

ajm200 Thu 07-Aug-08 08:30:05

My employer allowed me to stop driving during my last pregnancy at about 5 months but I was suffering from SPD which caused severe pain and I had trouble operating the brake peddle. I still went on some very long car trips though, someone else who was attending the meeting would drive and we would stop regularly at services so that I could pee and stretch my legs.

If you get tired, allow extra time for the journey and take regular breaks.

Eventually, the Dr had to sign me off work as I wasn't able to stand or sit for more than a few minutes without a lot of pain and it made my job impossible.

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