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Having a miserable 3rd Trimester

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ajm200 Wed 06-Aug-08 17:26:18

After having a really great 1st and 2nd trimester, I'm now having a really awful time and I'm worrying about my baby so need to let off steam. I hope you'll forgive me blush

I've developed a persistant cough that is causing me to vomit several times a day (sorry if TMI) and doesn't allow me to sleep or talk for more than a few mins. I'm not keeping down most of my meals and getting very little sleep. I'm dizzy, anemic, had spotting and pre-term labour that landed me in the maternity ward and that's just the last month!!

I'm now really worried about my baby as I haven't gained much weight with this pregnancy and I've lost 2lb over the past 4 days. The Dr and MWs are seeing me regularly but can't work out what is going on. I've been given medicine that is supposedly OK in pregnancy but the Dr admitted that he doesn't feel confident that it'll work and he'd rather not give it in pregnancy..

I just want my LO to be OK and to stay put until it is safe to come out... keep your fingers crossed for me.

ajm200 Wed 06-Aug-08 17:56:51

Am I worrying too much ?

ajm200 Wed 06-Aug-08 18:36:31


ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 06-Aug-08 18:43:46

I wouldn't worry too much about your weight gain and losses. How many weeks are you? I believe it's quite normal to lose weight at the end as you can't eat much due to the baby taking up so much room. Eat as much as you can stomach, but make sure you drink as much as possible.

Is the medicine for your cough? As far as what your GP said, it's either safe to take or it's not - so maybe ask for further clarification from him.

Is your anemia being treated? Spatone and Floradix (available on the high street) are better than any supplement the GP will prescribe. Also if you are close to term and your iron really is very low it may be worth asking about iron injections.

Is sleeping uncomfortable? I find bolstering myself with lots of pillows helps.

Most of all, stop feeling guilty about how you are feeling. Pregnancy can be a worrying time normaly, nevermind when you feel ill as well. Have a good talk with your GP and MW and get everything of your chest addressed. Good luck smile

ajm200 Wed 06-Aug-08 19:42:00

The medicine is for acid reflux that the Dr believes is causing the cough. My main concern is the weight loss, at 29 weeks I'd only gained 8lbs and in the past 4 days I've lost 2lb and have not kept any food down at all again today.

I just want my baby to be healthy

ten10 Wed 06-Aug-08 19:52:10

try Gaviscon for your acid reflux, (no known side effects during pregnancy)

are you keeping down fluids?, because you could try thin soup to gain more nutrients.

are you taking any pregnancy supplements? because these could help to give key vitamins/iron

hedgepig Wed 06-Aug-08 19:59:01

are you congested with this cough? I am 32 weeks and not as bad as you but do cough and vomit due to congestion rather than acid and I think it is allergy (not taking hay fever meds at the moment).

I really wouldn't worry too much about the weight loss. My last pg I didn't put on weight at all due to sickness and no appitite and my DS was 7lbs. The baby will take waht it needs from you. If it is acid - really look at your diet and just try foods until you find things that don't make the acid worse probably things you wouldn't normally eat when not pg. Really bland stuff not too much fat.

ellielou02 Wed 06-Aug-08 20:04:10

Hi ajm200 I work as a nurse and we see alot of patients with Hiatus Hernia which can be caused by pregnancy I am not at all saying this is what you have but it can cause reflux, (so can babies pushing on your stomach), the advice we tend to give patient with this is to eat little and often, try to avoid bending ( I know you prob cant just now anyway!) or stooping after meals, drink alot of fluids, try not to eat after 8 so your food can digest before bed and also try raising you head of bed slightly, not adding more pillows but the actual bed,a brick under neath (bit rough I know but gravity is meant to help).
I am also a bit aneamic and did not want to take tablets as was constipated anyway and my GP gave me Sytron Syrup which is great dont even need lactulose any more.
Hope you feel better soon,

ajm200 Thu 07-Aug-08 08:21:29

Thanks for the great advice everyone!

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