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amnio testing...advice please

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bonniej Fri 11-Feb-05 20:51:43

my sil went in for her amnio this morning. They sent her home and told her to rest and report any bleeding. (she's about 19weeks pg). She phoned me this afternoon as she was experiencing a small regular loss of fluid and was a bit worried. She phoned the hospital who have admitted her and told her that the amnio wound hasn't healed and she's leaking fluid from around the baby. I don't know any more and can't see her until tomorrow. I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this and how serious it is? We're all very worried at the moment

jabberwocky Fri 11-Feb-05 21:01:19

Don't have personal experience with this but I know after my amnio they said the baby would generate the lost fluid quickly. The main thing I think is not to get an infection at the wound site. Since she has been admitted they are surely keeping her fluids up which should help replace what's being lost and possible giving antibiotics for infection prevention? Hopefully someone else will come along who knows a bit more.

bonniej Fri 11-Feb-05 21:07:54

thanks for the reply jabberwocky, they are giving her antibiotics and what you've said about the fluid being regenerated has made me feel slightly better. She is in the right place so hopefully everything will be fine, can't help worrying though

jabberwocky Sat 12-Feb-05 16:19:25

How is she doing bonniej?

bonniej Sun 13-Feb-05 10:32:28

we went to see her yesterday and she's still losing fluid. They've basically told her if it doesn't stop she will lose the baby There isn't really anything they can do to stop it so it's just a case of waiting and hoping.

pooka Sun 13-Feb-05 12:38:22

Oh Bonnie, your poor sister. I'm crossing everything, hoping that things will be fine.

jabberwocky Sun 13-Feb-05 13:25:46

Oh, dear. I was so hoping that it would come out all right. Maybe it will stop today.

bundle Sun 13-Feb-05 16:38:02

oh bonniej, i do hope things work out for your sil, i've had 2 amnios (both worked out fine) and know it can be a stressful time but thankfully never experienced what she's going through. xxx

jabberwocky Mon 14-Feb-05 03:56:49

Any news?

bonniej Mon 14-Feb-05 11:20:12

we visited her yesterday and she'd had a scan. the baby is still okay for now but there was only a small amount of fluid around it. The nurse doing the scan said she had 'seen worse' but there was still no guarantee. If the baby makes the fluid back up it should be ok, but it's just a case of waiting. She is still in hospital but the fluid loss has nearly stopped now, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed. Thank you for your messages of support xx

jabberwocky Tue 15-Feb-05 01:44:50

Keep us posted. I'm sending good wishes that way.

jabberwocky Tue 15-Feb-05 17:22:12


bonniej Tue 15-Feb-05 17:26:23

well, heard from her earlier and she is coming home today. She is due back in for a scan on Sunday. The baby is still ok at the moment but the fluid level is still dangerously low so she needs to rest and hopefully it will build back up. There is nothing else they can do for her, they've given her antibiotics to take home to make sure she doesn't get an infection. The fluid has stopped leaking now, which is good. Fingers crossed xx

jabberwocky Tue 15-Feb-05 17:38:19

I'm glad to hear that the leakage stopped. Will keep the little one in my thoughts, bonniej.

jabberwocky Thu 17-Feb-05 07:44:35

Just checking in bonniej. Everything still OK?

bonniej Thu 17-Feb-05 18:33:03

thanks so much for asking, jabberwocky. So far so good, so it's just waiting to see what they say on Sunday. I'm hoping that if anything bad was going to happen it would have happened by now. will keep you posted x

jabberwocky Thu 17-Feb-05 19:27:48

Glad to hear she's still OK. Thanks for letting me know.

jabberwocky Mon 21-Feb-05 10:03:26

bonniej, hoping that everything went well yesterday.

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