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experience of having baby at the C&W in London?

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hugglebug Wed 06-Aug-08 13:47:23

I'm due my baby in December and will deliver at the Chelsea & w. Minster (despite living in Hampshire- long story). Just wondered if anyone has had any recent experinces there and if so how was it. I'm finding my antenatal care there good but maybe that's coz I'm heavily consultant lead? Any thoughts?

peasoup Wed 06-Aug-08 13:58:39

I had DS there nearly three years ago and was happy. Found almaost all the staff really lovely- one consultant was an arse and a couple of maternity assistents were pretty dippy but the midwife who delivered my son was wonderful and the staff looking after me afterwards were lovely. Thier after care regards heling me get started breast feeding was pretty crap though. After a few attempts and it hurting they said stuff like "Oh well dear, you tried your best" and treid to get me to give up and bottle feed!! Even I as a complete novice knew that it must surely take more than a few tries before you totally throw the towel in, so i was quite shocked at that. It's new so feels clean (ish) and smart looking rather than the grim old victorian wards I've been on since then. I actually even like the food !shock but i thnk I was on a natural high from having my new lovely baby (come to think of it it wasan't such a natural high as I was on strong pain killers form the emergency casaerian) I haven't given birth elesewhere, only have one DC, so can't really compare, but I was happy there. I had an emergency C section as they said Ds's head was too big (it's still pretty biggrin)and do hear that C and W do do a higher percentage of C sections than other hospitals whch my NCT teacher frowned on, but I really didn't know any differnt so i was happy.

kitstwins Wed 06-Aug-08 15:45:48

I didn't have my babies there as I had twins and was recommended to go to Queen Charlotte's (even though C&W is my nearest hosp - 5 minutes away) as they specialise in twin delivery. However, all my girlfriends did. They were unanimous in their praise of the antenatal care and the care they received during labour - they couldn't fault it and certainly their waiting times for antenatal seemed very short in comparison to mine (I often had to wait an hour or two for mine). Of my four friends who had singleton babies they all had vaginal deliveries although two were assited (ventous and forceps). All the twin mothers had emergency caesareans apart from one, who was scheduled at 38 weeks.

However, they all agreed that the aftercare was pretty patchy; not the best support with breastfeeding and the wards were very busy and the staff overstretched. However, I think this is very common in any London hospital and as long as you go in expecting this (and with the mindset that you might have to ask several times and be pushy for the help you need) then I think you'll be fine. My friends were all very vocal and eventually got the help they needed for various issues, but they all said they had to nag and push, which is quite difficult to do when you're a new mum, knackered, out of your depth, etc.

Good luck.

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