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Too much fluid and controlled experiences?

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becaroo Tue 05-Aug-08 16:17:17

..I am 34 weeks and I have polyhydramnios (excess fluid)

I was admitted to hospital on friday with suspected pre-term labour - it wasn't, thank god!

However, I am SO uncomfortable and fed up!
I cant eat, cant sleep, cant move easily or walk far, have awful reflux and nausea, really strong BH all day and night and back pain.

I have a 5 year old ds to care for too, so am feeling like a really rubbish mummy at the moment sad

I have a scan to check babys growth and my fluid levels a week on monday (I will be 36 weeks by then) and was wondering if they would consider a controlled ARM/induction?

I know a lot of my discomfort/problems are due to the increased fluid and that PROM/prem birth is more likely anyway with polyhydramnios.

Thoughts? What would you do? (NEVER thought I would EVER consider induction by the way - it was the one thing in my last pregnancy I was scared of!)

elephantbump Tue 05-Aug-08 19:45:09

I had polyhydraminos with my first pregnancy and the hospital booked me a date in my 38th week to be induced. I actually had to have fluid drained at regular intervals (2.5 litres at a time) to stop preterm labour. I felt like I was going mad with discomfort with the excess fluid so I can sympathise with you on the not sleeping, eating, walking etc. Perhaps you can appeal to the better nature of the consultant at your hospital when you have your scan that you would like a definite date to be induced.

Ironically my waters did go a few days prior to my induction date but it wasn't anywhere near as dramatic as I was expecting. It started as a little trickle and took about 2/3 days before labour fully started. the release of pressure on my tummy was fantastic though!

nixpix Tue 05-Aug-08 21:33:15

Hi Becaroo.
I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so uncomfortable. I can sympathise. I've got polyhydramnios too and have had real trouble walking far and can't sit back as it makes me breathless. Am choffing gaviscon like there's no tomorrow. I am 36+2 and had detailed anomaly scan today with consultant following 2 growth scans over past 2 weeks. I'm lucky as the fluid levels have gone down from last Thursday when I had the last scan. I'm relieved as was getting more and more anxious at thought of fluid levels going up and up and then PROM. Have they given you a reason for the excess fluid yet or will that be discussed at the growth scan on Monday? Have you had a GTT? Do you know your amniotic fluid index?
I was hoping today that there would be more concrete discussions and a plan but I have to go back at 37+4 to see if baby is still breech (it's bobbing about in there all over the place) and whether to do an ECV.
Am v keen not to be induced but if the baby does turn and I'm back on for a normal delvery then I can't bear the thought of carrying on like this post term. In my head I'm thinking, I can cope with this for another 3 weeks max. I'm sure the bugger will come at 40+13 after a long drawn out induction which will then end up with an emergency C-section. hmm
What I'm trying to say is that hopefully you'll get some answers on Monday, the level of fluid and size of baby might influence your consultant's decision to be induced.
If you haven't already, trawl through the previous posts on polyhydramnios and excess fluid as I read on one of them that one woman was induced early due to her discomfort. So, it happens.
Keep us updated on how it goes on Monday.

becaroo Tue 05-Aug-08 21:45:11

Hello nix. Glad to hear your AFI has gone down - thtas good news you must be very relieved.

TBH, if anyone had told me I would even be considering ARM I would have laughed....I hate the thought of it, but not sure how much longer I can go on like this. I have a very active 5 year old on his summer hols at the moment and am finding even basic chores very hard.

My AFI was 26 a week ago, up by 3 since the last scan. They have done a GTT, FBC and TORCH screen but I wont get the results back til next monday when I go for my scan.

I have the same problem as you in that the baby is moving about all over the place and the docs and midwives never seem to be able to feel what way he is lying which worries me....I know that 3 weeks ago he was transverse.

I also agree with you about the induction/c section - I would rather have an elective section than a failed induction and an emergency section.

Will keep you posted.......

nixpix Wed 06-Aug-08 21:07:04

Hi Bec,
I know how you feel about feeling like being a crap mummy, I have a 2 and a half yr old and am struggling to keep up with him. Feel rather guilty about the amount of C Beebies watched recently.
Don't worry about docs and midwives not being able to feel the baby, mine couldn't either. The scan will tell all.

You could always ring up and ask for results of GTT, I had two (both neg) and results back in a day. Torch results take a week I was told, but I could ring up and get them then.
I can really sympathise, I was looking forward to a nice realxing time having gone on maternity leave and I know it sounds really silly but was surprised to become a 'high risk' pregnancy and feel so crap and lacking in confidence about the forthcoming birth.

ImnotMamaGbutsheLovesMe Wed 06-Aug-08 21:51:51

Just off the top of my head I am thinking an induction wouldn't be great for baby. Just going on my experience of having polyh.... having to have an emergency section, baby flat on delivery, wouldn't have survived a vaginal birth. Thinking stress of induction (no gradual natural build up) wouldn't be great for baby.

Obviously I am not a doctor, just going with instincts.

mellywell Thu 07-Aug-08 00:08:36

i too have a poly whatever.have a 4 and a half year old.chores i find really hard to do.tired out cant sleep,energy comes at night them im tired out,still cant sleep,worrying about the birth.due date is less 11 days away.dont want to be caught in tesco with my waters breaking!was induced with my daughter at 40 plus,she was 5 days late and 8 pounds one and a half ounces.she was in alot of water,being induced was terrible,took forever,she was back to back with me.i am only 5ft so they said she was a big baby for me.this baby is a boy,theyve said hes going to be big too.scared witless.would like to be induced then,i know hes going to be ok.sick of being tired,not beoing able to breath properly,supping gaviscon at reg intervals at night and being ratty through the day with my little girl.totally sympathise with you all.this mumsnet is the only thing thats kept me sane through the whole trauma.hmm

becaroo Thu 07-Aug-08 19:08:37

Oh poor thing! sad

When I mentioned induction I meant a controlled breaking of my waters (ARM) rather than just "wait and see" and possible premature breaking of my waers (PROM)....

Bad day today...feel awful, ds bored rigid and too hot....

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