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So.... I Wasnt Going To Find Out The Sex, But......

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chinchi Tue 05-Aug-08 13:40:54

So as you know I had the good intentions of not finding out, and I did bloody well in not asking the doctor until loud mouth DH went and spoilt it all

I went with my SIL and we told the doctor that she wanted to find out but that I didnt and so to be careful with what he said!

The first clue as to the sex came when he took the head measurement and said that the head was a lovely shape just like a girls. He then realised and quickly changed what he was saying to 'but that doesnt mean anything'.

He carried on with the scan and baby was asleep with head down and knees bent and he joked that bean was praying He then woke bean up and it turned full swing so that the head was facing up. Baby let out a yawn and being polite, held its hand to cover the mouth!

There was then lots of measurements and the doctor confirmed baby will be tall as the leg measurements are 22weeks 1day when Im in fact only 20weeks and 6 days. Bean weighs 457g.

Even though it was laying in an awkward position, he told me he had spotted the sex and turned the screen to SIL. She looked confused and I thought to myself had she seen a tiny todger her expression would have been more certain- second clue which made me think it was a girl!

Doctor then asked me what names we had chosen and when I said 'well for a boy' he stopped what he was doing and looked straight at me. This made me think it was a boy!

DH had told SIL he wanted to know, so she text him with the outcome and he phoned he straight away. I could hear him laughing but I knew he didnt mind if it was a boy or girl. I then got on the phone and he said 'congratulations, were having another son!' The tears welled up and I started shouting at him telling him he had no right to tell me when I wanted it to be a surprise. He didnt think what the big deal was and I refused to speak to him!

Outside the hospital I told SIL he had no right to do that and that I was so annoyed. She said not to be so hasty as he had a huge surprise planned for me. I laughed and said 'ooh let me guess he is buying me a present to say sorry'.

I then burst in to tears and was uncontrollably sobbing in the middle of the street (not a good look when the road is full of tourists and they dont understand why the hell youre crying). She said I have to tell you or else youll end up divorcing him- he wanted it to be a surprise until the birth- youre having a baby girl!

I cried even more that time and phoned DH and screamed 'were having a baby girl!' He said he was upset as he thought I was crying because it was a boy- he still cant understand I was crying due to the size of his big gob. If he hadnt have said anything at all Id have been none the wiser and would have still had my surprise to look forward to!

So, Su Meyra Saka is due in the world on 17 December. Both Mum and baby are in good health, and Im still sat here crying because I am so happy.


gem1981 Tue 05-Aug-08 14:39:42

oh my god what a story!!

congratulations !!

What would you have done if you SIL had not said anything??? shock

don't men have a strange sense of humour!!!

chinchi Tue 05-Aug-08 15:06:04

Im not sure to be honest- DH would have been in my bad books for a very long time! I know he did it with good intentions, but like you say men do have a very strange sense of humour!

DS was born 10 weeks premature so part of me was worried I wouldnt experience a full term/normal delivery this time and thought that I still wouldnt experience the baby being delivered and finding out the sex from the doctor/DH.

He has alot of making up to do but at the moment Im just so happy!

orangeduck1 Tue 05-Aug-08 16:37:49

im due to have my 20week scan next week and im in two minds to find out the sex everyone keeps saying find out i couldnt find out over other ds because they hid their bits so im thinking why should i find out over this baby help

laura325630 Tue 05-Aug-08 17:31:40

Oh my god!!! What a mean trick!! We found out at my 34 week scan as we were sure it was a boy and didnt want to be disapointed. dd was born 8 weeks ago and Im so pleased we found out! We kept it to ourselves though so that family had the surprise.

Congratulations, think of all the lovely pink outfits you can buy now xxx

DisenchantedPlusBump Tue 05-Aug-08 17:35:15

Awww sounds a bit of a horrific incident but you seem happy now!

Just tell DH he has to take you on a pink shopping spree to make up for it! grin


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