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footless support tights/socks???

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curleyshirley Mon 04-Aug-08 19:53:20

I had varicose veins (UGH - hate em) in my previous pg and have the onset of them now in this one. Given the weather - does anyone know where I can get footless support socks or tights?? Dont want to have to hang up my flip flops for the summer! Thanks!

whiteorchid Fri 08-Aug-08 14:23:03

I've got to wear compression tights too, but have never come across footless ones. It's a real pain when it's hot.

Spanx do footless maternity tights, but it doesn't look as if they offer much support, and Scholl offer open-toed tights, but only in 'natural' (ie beige)... Mmmm, lovely!

If you find any, do let me know.

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