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Contractions 34 weeks??

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terribletwosome Mon 04-Aug-08 12:48:41

Hi - I spent 3 days in hospital last week being monitored as had started having quite strong contractions following a bad sickness bug. Had to have injection to strengthen babys lungs in case of premature labour. Eventually things calmed down and came out of hospital. Now feel constantly really tired and if I get up and do too much, start getting some contractions again. Has anyone else had this? Did you still go to term or did the baby come early? This is my 3rd baby and both the others have been late or on time so feels really wierd to have this happen

WombFor1More Mon 04-Aug-08 12:59:55

I had the same with dd last year. I was 34+4 and spent 2 days in hospital. Like you seemed very strange as ds1 and 2 were both 6days late!

I had to rest a lot or they came back.

Just try to get as much rest as poss and make sure your drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated as dehydration can cause contractions.

Btw dd ended up 8days late shock

Hope your lo stays put a while longer for you. Good luck


meemar Mon 04-Aug-08 13:06:45

I had this at 29 weeks with DS1, 6 days in hospital with the steroids and blood pressure drugs. Things calmed down and he eventually came at 35 weeks.

Hope your little one holds on a while longer, but if not he is likely to be fine born at 34 weeks smile

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