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Please can someone put me off the idea of having a third baby???!!!!

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ghosty Thu 10-Feb-05 23:40:46

Oh my god ...
Last night, DH and I had a really big discussion about going for a third baby ... (DS is 5 and DD is 1) ....
And I shocked myself by realising that I am not completely against the idea ....
DH loves babies and would have loads more ....
I had had two c-sections, PND with my first child, am working hard at my business that I run from home (not terribly easy with a baby around) and am somewhat looking forward to DD getting older so that I can get 'me' back.
We live in NZ and so try to come back to the UK every couple of years but having a third child would put a spanner in the works on that front.
We would need to get one of those awful people carrier bus like cars and I hate them.
Third section?
I hate being pregnant ... morning sickness and then SPD .... not an attractive option ...
But I just have this niggly feeling that I do want another baby, want to feel the kicks, want to breastfeed again, want DS and DD to have a brother or sister ....
What to do?
Someone tell me it is a really bad idea to have 3 and I will stop thinking about it ...
G xxxxxx

Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 23:42:36

I say two hands for 2 kids, no way I could have third. Mind don't know why I had second as first was 11lb7oz .

sparklymieow Thu 10-Feb-05 23:43:59

I have 3 and wouldn't be without DD2 at all now, She was an accident and a shock (there is only 15 months between dd1 and dd2) and I was sure I didn't want her, BUT when she arrived I melted and so did DH.
I am quite broody (I think?) atm, and love the idea of a 4th but then I think about my daily rountine and I can't imagine bringing a baby into this madhouse!!

Fran1 Thu 10-Feb-05 23:44:17

You know its a great idea

I did the same when "thinking" about having no. 2. Kept finding reasons why it was a bad idea, but now that i know my contraceptive inj has worn off and we are offically ttc i just cannot wait!!

Sorry not going to talk you out of it!

Tiggiwinkle Thu 10-Feb-05 23:45:09

Since I have 5 DSs, I could not possibly say anything to dissuade you!

ghosty Thu 10-Feb-05 23:48:03

Well you lot are all useless!!!
Apart from you Skribble, blimey, 11lbs 7oz ... I thought I was doing well with 10lbs 1/2oz (DS) and 10lbs 10oz (DD)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

milward Thu 10-Feb-05 23:49:12

Give it a go - if you're thinking of another then see if it happens - if it does great & if it doesn't no probs. This is the approach I took & it just seemed to take the preassure of from having to decide yes or no

ghosty Thu 10-Feb-05 23:50:23

Milward, that is simply NOT good enough!!!
Please, someone???????????

Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 23:50:26

Ghosty your not trying hard enough!!! Go for a third you might beat me yet .

ghosty Thu 10-Feb-05 23:51:19

he he he @ Skribble ...

milward Thu 10-Feb-05 23:52:03

Well ghosty - worked for me eveytime !!

fredtbad Thu 10-Feb-05 23:52:50

11 lb 7oz I'm amazed you lived!!
That's like giving birth to 3mo

Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 23:56:11

Funny that is the first thing I said. " Oh my god he is three months old". The midwife nearlly dropped him laughing.

Skribble Thu 10-Feb-05 23:57:38

They were considering putting him into special care. I said what for to look after the other babies. He would nver have fitted in a incubater.

fredtbad Fri 11-Feb-05 00:00:40

PMSL skribble!
How on earth was he that big?
I honestly thought my ds at 8.8 was huge, mind you i'm little, but I remember how big a 3mo is.....ouch!

Skribble Fri 11-Feb-05 00:12:57

DH is 6'4" I am 5'8", DS wasn't chubby, all in proportion (for a three month that is).

DH family are all tall inc MIL, My mums twin Is 6'3" so I suppose it runs in my family too. Funny my mum and her twin's combined weight was 11lb7oz.

fredtbad Fri 11-Feb-05 00:20:54

skribble did you not feel slightly jipped that you didn't get a tiny newborn? I definately did, even though he was 8.8, he has huge, 25 inches long and so we abandoned all the tiny cute clothes and his first night was spent in a 0-3 sleepsuit LOL. He has continued to outgrow age bands at an astonishing rate!! 6-9 mo clothes lasted TWO weeks!

fredtbad Fri 11-Feb-05 00:21:27

sorry that's definitely (no excuse)

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Fri 11-Feb-05 00:22:09

You definitely DON'T want 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You want 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Skribble Fri 11-Feb-05 00:22:21

Yes a bit lots of newborn clothes as presents .

fredtbad Fri 11-Feb-05 00:25:09

PMSL remembering when he was 2 weeks old DH came back from work and picked him up. He said "My God was he this big this morning? Look at his big ol' head!"

ghosty Fri 11-Feb-05 01:25:58

We had that problem with our two as well, never fitted newborn clothes ... in 6-9 mth clothes by 3/4 months. DD is now in 18mth to 24 mth clothes at 12 months ...
Anyway, this is not helping my cause ....
Marslady, if you can't say anything useful don't say anything at all!!!!!!
(You have 5 kids which means in my book that you are totally mad! )

fredtbad Fri 11-Feb-05 01:32:45

If you're debating it, you must sorta fancy another
I had always wanted 4, but I think I should have started a bit earlier. I feel a bit old now having kids in my 30's. Just the way I feel. Also we have 3 bed house and one of them would have to share a room if we had another. I shared a room with my sister and hated every minute of it! So not sure I would want them to go throught that either.

nightowl Fri 11-Feb-05 01:32:53

i get broody sometimes but it doesnt mean i want another one. my youngest drives me mad! think i just like to fuss over other people's babies hand them back afterwards and all that.

bobbybob Fri 11-Feb-05 02:55:30

Think it's a stage - I felt the same when ds started crawling/cruising at about a year. Now I'm telling anyone who will listen that he will be an only child.

Go back and look at some of your old threads about your SPD and your pregnancy, as well as some of the behaviour/development issues and ask yourself if it seems so bad rereading. If you think you could cope then go for it.

You don't need a people carrier initially, just a car that can take 3 car seats in a row. But you would have to win lotto to go back to the UK regularly.

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