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Carpal this summat to mention to the midwife??

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biglips Sun 03-Aug-08 03:12:56

as 2 weeks ago my fore finger was stuck downwards and had a cramp that lasted for a minute and today it was my thumb, on the same hand, was stuck downward and went under my hand that lasted more than 2 mins and was abit more painful.

aquasea Sun 03-Aug-08 07:00:45

I had carpal tunnel during my pregnancy and it was horrible...but it wasn't anything like what you have described. It didn't come and go and it wasn't cramplike at all. It is always worth mentioning anything to your midwife just so they can put your mind at rest.

biglips Sun 03-Aug-08 10:07:14

ok thanks as im seeing on Tues so ill mention it as i didnt have it in my first pg. smile

Lemontart Sun 03-Aug-08 10:13:03

y mention it as it can be a sign of other possible problems such as blood pressure and/or water retention.
I get crampy thumb and finger also "fizzy" almost numb , pins and needles type sensation in the same two, down the inside. I get it when I am stressed, hot weather, put on a little weight, blood pressure up.
Glad you are mentioning it to your mw, hopefully nothing to worry about but sensible to let her know and keep an eye on it.

cafebistro Sun 03-Aug-08 10:13:34

I had carpal tunnel with in my first pregnancy just in my right hand and arm. I always got it at night and would wake up in agony! It is always advisable to mention things like this to midwife. I was told there wasnt anything that could be done except for wearing an arm splint in severe cases. Luckily my symptoms stopped as soon as i had ds and i didnt suffer at all with dd.

kiskidee Sun 03-Aug-08 10:19:18

neurofen, taken for a few days at a time will relieve the inflammation which causes the syndrome.

I would get a splint and wear it because it is v. helpful if annoying to keep it at bay.

if she doesn't seem proactive about the splint, pointedly ask for one.

biglips Sun 03-Aug-08 10:46:38

well the pain is gone as only lasted for a minute or dont need to take any tabs

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