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Braxton Hicks- how do you know you're getting them?

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aurorec Sat 02-Aug-08 19:09:25

This is my 2nd pregnancy, I never had any contractions at all the 1st time round, and ended up being induced 10 days late.

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant, and these past 2 mornings I have woken up with mild discomfort in my lower belly (like period pains, except nowhere near as painful!)
The only thing that makes me wonder is that the sensation is constant for about half an hour, regardless of the way I lie, and then goes away.

Is this normal?

waitingtobloom Sat 02-Aug-08 19:22:56

Think I can remember pretty much constant dull period aches in the last few weeks from last time but I dont think they are braxton hicks.

I didnt have any bh's last time - this time I definitely do. The whole of the womb contracts but painlessly or relatively painlessly so you feel like everything has tightened up. Its like something is squeezing you. They usually last a few seconds to a minute. Could be what you are feeling, could not. If you are worried as always ask your midwife?

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sat 02-Aug-08 21:50:34

Doesn't sound like BH the way I get them - with me it's several times a day, for about a minute, everything gets tight across my belly and it feels a bit weird, but not bad.

madmouse Sat 02-Aug-08 23:18:43

it does not sound like braxton-hicks. In Dutch they are called 'hard tummies' and that is just what they are. Your belly (especially the top half) tightens for a few minutes, particularly when walking or doing some other activity.

You have been stretched down there in your first pregnancy and it never quite gets as tight, so the weight of baby and water may just be pressing down a bit, or your body is gearing up for labour.

reban Sun 03-Aug-08 13:20:24

I think people have braxton hicks differently. Mine were painfull, they were basically mini contractions. I only had them with ds1 (dc2) and had them from 30 weeks to the end. Helped as labour was much quicke second time around. I would mention it to your midwife, especially if it happens regularly or the pain/discomfort increases

aurorec Sun 03-Aug-08 13:28:37

Well I didn't get it this morning, maybe it was just something I ate!
I'm seeing my midwife this week and am having a scan tomorrow anyway, so I'll ask everyone in sight.

mumfor1standmaybe2ndtime Sun 03-Aug-08 13:34:16

Braxton hicks for me were not like period pains. They felt like a tightness around my bump, then feeling slightly breathless and then I could feel the tightness 'fade away'. It did not hurt, just took my breath away a little. I think maybe some people feel them differnetly. I started getting them at 36 weeks wuth ds.

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