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woodmill100 Sat 02-Aug-08 18:44:47

We have a baby bjorn sling that DS nods off in almost straight away. Ideal after a long day when he's been awake for most of it. However, trying to get him out of it and into his moses basket without him waking is impossible because of the clips needing undone and sliding him out.

Does anyone know of a good sling that is easy to get a sleeping baby out of and into bed?

Any recommendations welcome.

Sassafrass Sat 02-Aug-08 18:47:27

I like the wrap around slings that you tie on, as you can just untie it and put baby down on top of the sling in the cot. You can then, if you like gently remove the sling. Since it's a big piece of soft fabric I've found that it doesn't disturb sleep.

elmoandella Sat 02-Aug-08 18:52:58

we had a bush baby one. it unclips and folds out . never woke ds or dd.

ChairmumMiaow Sat 02-Aug-08 18:58:50

Ring slings are pretty easy to loosen, slip over your head and lay the baby down on/in, and again they're just fabric with a couple of rings. I don't find them the most comfortable thing to carry my 20lb DS in for long periods, but they're great for getting them off to sleep.

littlelamb Sat 02-Aug-08 19:13:32

The Close carrier is excellent. So comfortable to carry ds in and easy to put him in and out of when asleep. I had a baby bjorn and used it for one week with ds before it got too uncomfortable. I would never go back to a baby bjorn now (have a hardly used Active for sale if anyone wants one wink)

laura325630 Sat 02-Aug-08 20:00:02

Theres a new Tomy one out where the part the baby goes in comes completly off from the parent part. this page I wish I had bought this one as I always wake dd up!!

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