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SPD - does it feel heavy and dragging like period pains

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Leenie Fri 01-Aug-08 21:11:59

I have been getting alot of BH in the last few days that get quite frequent and uncomfortable as the evening progresses moving around, walking etc, brings it on worse, getting loads of heavy pain down very low when the tightenings are happening,been told this is spd

Doesn't sound like SPD to me. My experience of SPD was agonising pain in the pubic region - "like someone has kicked you between the legs" was how it was described to me and it did feel very much like really bad bruising, unless I tweaked it by stretching or twisting in which case it was pretty indescribable

Califrau Fri 01-Aug-08 21:16:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ajm200 Fri 01-Aug-08 21:22:46

I suffered terribly with SPD in my last pregnancy and what you describe sounds more like ligament pains from the ligaments stretching especially as it is accompanied by BH.

The SPD pain at its mildest was like nasty bruising that was there constantly. At its worst it was a searing/tearing pain at the front of my pelvis and under my groin that made walking, sitting and turning over in bed almost impossible. In the end I had to use crutches to get about. It made the contractions I felt in labour seem like nothing I had an EPI for the SPD not the labour

Leenie Fri 01-Aug-08 22:47:12

Thanks, you have all kind of confirmed what i was thinking from looking it up, i wasnt convinced that my symptoms were SPD, but i got sent to the FAU by my GP today due to the pains ect, when i arrived the tightening and pain were strong from the walk. i waited nearly 30 mins to be seen and by the time i got seen i'd been sitting down relaxing and they had calmed down, although they did a trace of babys hb and also picked up the tightenings, aswell as an int exam, they said all is ok, baby engaged and quite low and that the pains are spd, but i dont feel like the pains are in my pelvic bone they are low down in the abdomen .... so, my next question, is any one elses BH's so uncomfortable and harsh hmm

Qally Sun 03-Aug-08 02:22:09

SPD feels like someone is trying to split your pubic bone apart with a chisel, while simultaneously filling the gap with crackling barbed wire. Bizarre mix of dull ache, sharp sear and crackling nerve jangles. You do get period-type aches as well, into the fanjo and legs, and either side of the coccyx can make itself pretty achily felt, as well as joints clicking, but I think that's all just incidental to the ligaments loosening. The pubic bone is the main player, with the aches just the supporting cast, IME.

Bloody well hurts when the midwife measures the fundus and snaps one end of the tape hard down on your pubis, too. Ow oww owwwwww.

slim22 Sun 03-Aug-08 02:31:58

Agree with all,
If it's SPD. it's usually agonising and impedes movement.

I think you are right, they are contractions. How many weeks are you?
Take it easy. You already noticed that they tend to occur/aggravate with physical activity.

Buckets Sun 03-Aug-08 05:44:29

I had painful regular BH for 2wks before my first baby decided it was time to come out.

SPD feels structural, with the joints at front, back and sides. There's also Pelvic Girdle Pain which is pain in between those joints, eg buttock-ache that makes BH extra painful.

MrsMattie Sun 03-Aug-08 17:10:26

SPD = feels like I have been horse riding for 24 hours without rest and then kicked in the lower back for good measure!

motherinferior Sun 03-Aug-08 17:17:26

Agree especially with the axe description.

ellenjames Sun 03-Aug-08 21:08:10

agree with mrsmattie thats how it felt for me plus whenever i would roll over in bed my pelvis made a lovely grinding sound that hurt like hell too and frequently made me and dh nauseous as it sounded awful!

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