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Is there anyone, who like me HPTs don't seem to work well on / concern about possibility of pg...

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electra Fri 01-Aug-08 20:38:30

My coil fell out a few weeks ago (copper). I had had sex the day before. Since then have used condoms. After the coil had fallen out it didn't cause any pain and I had no bleeding.

Anyway, my period is now well over a week late. I did a test 2 days ago which was negative. Yesterday evening I had literally a smear of red blood on the loo paper and I thought it was going to start then but, no....nothing.

The reason I'm concerned is that with my previous pregnancies HPTs didn't show up positive until I was several weeks late (the GP looked skeptical when I told him this) and I am getting crampy feelings. The problem is that if I was pg, I couldn't go through with the pregnancy for many reasons and I would want to know asap, so that the ordeal could be easier for me than if it was later.

So should I just wait and see if my period turns up? Has this happened to anyone else? Could the coil falling out have caused this? I have asked the 'professionals' these questions and they don't know so I am now seeking anecdotal evidence.

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