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Can I eat Mr Whippy Ice-Cream?

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Sparklyblue Thu 31-Jul-08 23:02:36

A friend has said that as I am pregnant I'm not allowed to eat Mr Whippy Ice-Cream sad
Is this true? I've never heard of this before.

tortoiseSHELL Thu 31-Jul-08 23:03:05

I think that's true - apparently there is a risk of listeria.

I was gutted when I found that out!

Olihan Thu 31-Jul-08 23:05:31

Yup, it's because of the temperature it's kept at apparently, I think it's not cold enough to kill off the listeria bugs. All soft whip ice cream is out of bounds, so no McFlurry's either!

bundle Thu 31-Jul-08 23:08:58


it's vile

Sparklyblue Thu 31-Jul-08 23:12:08

That's a real pain in the butt, my favourite chocolate (Whispa) is in a McFlurry at the moment angry sad
Never mind, lol

emma2617 Fri 01-Aug-08 10:10:50

Oh Poo!! I have has 2 mcFlurrys since being pregnant...had no idea! Thanks for this thread...I can at least no avoid them (along with almost everything else I like!) for the next 29 weeks!!

crumpet Fri 01-Aug-08 10:26:56

mr whippy type ice cream banned in our ouse since dd was appallingly ill after one.

RedHead81 Fri 01-Aug-08 10:29:54

Yup, and no Maccy D's Milkshakes either!
I fell in love with ASDA's cornish clotted cream ice-cream when i was preggers - it's reeeeeealy creamy and only £2.19 for 2litres - Delicious!

BettySpaghetti Fri 01-Aug-08 10:30:02

The only time DP has ever been ill through eating something was after a Mr Whippy ice cream. He has a cast iron stomach and thinks nothing of eating stuff past its use-by date but the ice cream is the only thing thats floored him.

Hence they are now known as Mr Squitty ice creams in our family!

moondog Fri 01-Aug-08 10:39:02

I wouldn't eat that crap when not pg. They use powder and as the machine is so convoluted, they can never clean the pipes properly so the gunk stays in crevices year upon year. Smashing.

notcitrus Fri 01-Aug-08 14:30:21

Think of it as an excuse to splash out on Proper icecream! (and the supermarkets all have icecream on special offer atm...)

I'm finding Haagen-Dazs and Green&Blacks very good at alleviating heartburn. Honest!

FrannyandZooey Fri 01-Aug-08 14:32:36

yup the tubes it comes through are petri dishes and never cleaned
I won't eat it pg or not since I thought about it

ChocOrange05 Fri 01-Aug-08 16:15:24

WHAT!?!? I wish I hadn't clicked on this thread now wink

I have eaten numerous 99's (as I like to still call them despite that price being from the early nineties!) and had 2/3 McFlurries since being PG.

RedHead why no McDonald's milkshakes?? I don't have them too often - especially since they got rid of vanilla flavour which was clearly the best!

laura325630 Fri 01-Aug-08 16:30:28

I ate loads of mr whippy ice creams when I was pregnant, dd is now 7 weeks! It didnt even cross my mine until now blush

fledtoscotland Fri 01-Aug-08 19:27:11

you arent supposed to eat any icecream apart from prepacked stuff out of vans as there are no guarantees about how often they clean their machines.

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