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Really fed up (long rant)

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Skimty Wed 30-Jul-08 13:45:45

This is more of a rant to get it off my chest so feel free to ignore!

I'm 33 weeks on Friday with DC2. I was booked in to have a homebirth and so was receiving midwife led care. At my last check (28 weeks) they detected an irregular heart beat. The MW sent me to a specialist but told me not to worry and that I should have my 32 week appointment at home with a MW.

The consultant cardiologist says there is no problem but they wouldn't recommend a home birth because the paediatricians would want to check the baby over once born. I am having a scan every 10 days to keep and eye on growth etc. and everybody says it will all sort itself out probably antenatally.
My MW sais that I probably wouldn't have homebirth but to keep to this appointment and then we'd have a long chat about my options.

Anyway, someone I've never spoken to before just cancelled my appointment and I can't get another at the clinic for 2 weeks or with my GP until next week. I don't really want to see my GP because I don't get on with him. Also, I wanted to talk through my birth options (both consultants I have seen have hinted that I need to prepare myself for an emergency CS if the doctors feel they can't tell the difference between teh benign irrgular heartbeat and a problem) I know I have ages and two weeks isn't that long. I also know that no-one can say anything with any cetainty at thsu stage.

I suppose I just needed some one with knowledge to talk to. I had lots of bleeding at the beginning of this pregnancy and then this so I feel emotionally drained and like I have only been secure for about 2 weeks.

ANyway, rant over

Skimty Wed 30-Jul-08 13:46:25

Sorry for typos

MKG Wed 30-Jul-08 14:18:21

I don't know what to say.

Sounds like it's been really rough, but you also sound like you and the baby are getting great care, and hopefully this will resolve itself in-utero.

Call and complain about not getting your appointment when you needed it. Perhaps they will put you back in.

I hope everything works out for you.

rmm Thu 31-Jul-08 09:52:45

hi, Just wanted to say i am so sorry you are having a hard time.

I know you wanted a home birth but maybe for the sake of the baby its better you are under medical supervision?

I hope it all works out for you.
Best of luck

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