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Feeling lonely... normal or just pathetic? Help!

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Ebs26 Wed 30-Jul-08 12:43:07

Hello to all mums-to-be,

I am 21+3 and apart from suffering ongoing mood swings I often feel very lonely even when I'm surrounded by people. I am known to be a sociable and bubbly person who can talk to anyone and everyone about anything! Now I've turned into a recluse and find it hard to talk at times.

I'm eager to meet other mums-to-be to extend my social circle and have something in common. Any suggestions on how I can do this? I know Antenatal classes are supposed to be a good way but my midwife hasn't informed me as yet to when they start. Any ideas would be great and much appreciated.

jenduck Wed 30-Jul-08 15:08:00

Hello, didn't want your message to go unanswered. I think we are due on the same date - 7th December? Come & join us on the Due December antenatal thread, a lively bunch there.

As for meeting other mums-to-be - I go to aquanatal classes at my local pool once a week. They are quite sociable & you get to do some relaxing exercise at the same time. Have you got anything like this near you?

Hope you feel better soon.

babylove123 Wed 30-Jul-08 20:10:22


Dont worry, i am the same! DP plays footie on a tues and i get REALLY lonely and its only for a few hours! Ppl come over and yet i still feel lonely! Jenducks suggestion of aquanatal is good - i wish i cld go but ours is in work time. Pregnancy yoga is good too.

ButIForgetMyself Wed 30-Jul-08 21:48:49

Same here! I'm 18+1 and work away from home Monday to Friday, so don't see my DP for 5 days at a time. I also work long hours so can't commit to the local pregnancy yoga - you have to pay for a block and I can't guarantee I'd be able to finish work on time to get there often enough to make it financially viable.

I miss my DP so much, and long for company but half the time I can't even face picking up the phone because I don't want to sound all negative! My bezzie mate who I used to speak to every day now is so busy that I get "oh I'll phone you back in two minutes" but can be anything up to a week before she rings me back!

So I'm better off just hanging out on Mumsnet...

Doozie Wed 30-Jul-08 22:00:42

Hi Ebs26,

Definitely join us at the Due Dec Antenatal thread. I'm living abroad and not working (dr's orders) so my social circle has shrunk dramatically. However having a baby is a good way to meet people in your area (tell that mw to get a move on with the antenatal info ). As the others suggested try all the prenatal exercise classes, or even when you go to your next medical appointment get chatting to the other mums while you wait. Sounds a bit forward, but from living abroad and starting from stratch with friends, you have to put yourself out there - daunting as it is! Good luck.

star6 Wed 30-Jul-08 22:31:00

Just to say you're not alone... I felt so alone at first. I used to panic when dh was out at football or at a pub or anywhere and I was alone at home... ok when with friends, but for some reason, could not be alone! A friend (who has kids already) told me this was my body's way of getting used to NEVER BEING ALONE AGAIN... so now, I TRY my very best to enjoy it Even though I still don't like it! hmm I guess I'll be ready

EffiePerine Thu 31-Jul-08 10:06:12

I think it's usual to feel antisocial and grumpy in pg (I certainly am) so don;t force yourself to meet people if you don;t want to. I;d take some time to pamper yourself and do the things you won;t have time to do after the birth - go to the cinema, go out for nice adult meals etc.

babylove123 Thu 31-Jul-08 12:04:46

Us females are strange arent we?! DP was at footie last night so i decided to get on with some chores and paperwork but then thought, sod it, in a few months time i will be running up and down the stairs, covered in baby sick etc right now lol. So i decided to pack up and soak in the bath for an hour - was quite good!!!!!

Ebs26 Thu 31-Jul-08 13:44:11

Hi all,

Thank you so much for all your comments and advice. Just knowing that I'm not alone in feeling like this helps a lot.
Jenduck - I will def join the Due Dec thread.

We are definitely strange babylove123 LOL. Ladies - you've really cheered me up - thanks again.

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