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Moody/angry/weepy at 15 weeks? how much of it is pg and how much me?

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jamescagney Wed 30-Jul-08 10:29:59

Have been crying a lot today, yesterday and the day before. Have had a (justifiable) row with sister and have sent an email to boss that is polite but firm (eek, I hope!)
what I want to know is how much of this is me and how much is pg? Should I discount 20% of my anger as baby related.
want to punch someone or else sob like a baby...

jamescagney Wed 30-Jul-08 10:48:58

Great. Now I'm angry with all of you!wink

snowymum Wed 30-Jul-08 10:58:13

I can only assume that at least 33% is pregnancy. I was in tears all of yesterday and most of the weekend - sure, there was a genuine problem (potentially being evicted to make way for a vicar) but my reaction is so much greater than it would normally be, I'm sure. And also the strangest things make me upset - like someone sent me a rabbit they'd knitted as a present and it made me really sad that I didn't have more friends who knitted me rabbits! Just weird.

Today, though, I feel perfectly normal and balanced, which makes me think it must be pregnancy. When I think of all the hormones that are in our bodies - I'm sure you cna put at least a third of our feelings down to pregnancy.

Oh, I'm at 30+6 weeks, but was especially bad at 15-16 weeks, so maybe it goes in waves as new hormones are released.

snowymum Wed 30-Jul-08 11:00:03

And like you, I'm not just weepy, I'm ANGRY. Before I got pregnant I boxed 5 nights a week so all these people better watch out... and they can't hit me back at the moment, hahaha.

Anglepoise Wed 30-Jul-08 11:00:12

I was really surprised at how hard it was emotionally in the first 16 or so weeks - I felt as though I had PMT for four months non-stop! Irritating as it is to be told it's "just your hormones", I did find it quite reassuring to know that it wasn't just me and it would pass.

I think by the time you're full term you have something like 1000 x the normal amount of hormone in your body (but quoting off the top of my head, so might be wrong blush)

jamescagney Wed 30-Jul-08 11:03:42

thanks snowymum and Anglepoise, my mascara is down around my knees at the moment! lovely man is fitting phone handset in my car and had to restrain myself from lunging at him and sobbing into his lovely hunky shoulders. Is angry,weepy and horny ever a good combination? grin

babylove123 Wed 30-Jul-08 11:19:59


I was the same at 16 - 19 weeks. I was as miserable as sin, couldnt cope with anything. I'd cry all day at work because i wanted to go home but when i got home i felt no relief and would cry all evening knowing i had to go back to work the next day. It was so awful, i felt so down and in a dark place - i convinced myself there was something wrong with me. Everyone told me it was normal and its the extra hormones whilst the placenta is growing to a good size and they'd ease off when that had happened. I did my best to believe them but cldnt, i was beside myself. I ended up noticing i was starting to have the odd day where i felt much better, normal almost until at around 19 weeks, it disappeared instantly - was so strange! Im now 23.5 weeks and yeh i still have times where i go to feel down or really moody but 90% of the time im back to my normal self - such a relief!

jamescagney Wed 30-Jul-08 12:01:17

thanks babylove! am feeling a bit better after eating all my lunch (greedy, greedy)already!
I'm trying to see what's reasonable and what's not. have resolved to be very quiet until I can trust myself.
Phew - boss emsailed me thanking me for my message, so it must've been ok.
thanks everyone, I don't want people to go around saying oh don't stress her out or she'll flip. (though yesterday did have a Michael Douglas "Falling Down" (- wasn't it?) moment)
Am still fuming with sister and have said than nothing less than full grovelling will satify me.
Hell hath no fury indeed grin

babylove123 Wed 30-Jul-08 12:04:51

If you can keep your hormones under a relative control then keep going! If you're anything like me and couldnt (there were only so many excuses i cld give for the crying), then speak to your boss and explain. I felt like a right tit in doing so but after that, they'd look at me and say "if you need 5 mins, go and have a walk outside". Sometimes that was enough to dispurse the tears for a while so it really helped!

Ebs26 Wed 30-Jul-08 12:13:54


I completely symphathise with you as I've been feeling like I'm going out of my head. Crying at the smallest things, seeing red and wanting to attach those around me and feeling a complete loss of any control of what comes out of my mouth.

I'm 21+3 pregnant and it hasn't got any easier for me. I spoke to my midwife yesterday and she explained that with the additional hormones, physical changes, and the overwhelming realisation of what's to come and how much my life will change - it would be surprising if I wasn't emotional! I would have to say that in my case about 70% is the pregnancy and 30% me.

Being rational is bloody hard and my nerves take a turn for the worse whenever people are so calm when I feel like screaming and crying.

All these aside - I'm clinging on to the fact that it'll all be worth it in December when I hold my gorgeous lil girl in my arms.

I hope yours mood swings are short lived jamescagney.

You're not alone!

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