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Weight gain - what is normal please?

(10 Posts)
DisenchantedPlusBump Tue 29-Jul-08 17:18:46

I've just weighed myself (Im 18 weeks pregnant) and Im 12 stone 1 lb

Which I don't think is bad considering I was 11 stone 12 when I got pregnant.

But is putting 3lbs on at 18 weeks OK?

Im asking because Ive been sick alot.

Is it too little? I pretty sure its not too much.

Or will I start to pile it all on now Im starting to feel better??

dinkystinky Tue 29-Jul-08 17:21:15

Disenchanted - please dont worry about it. Everyone is different. Last pregnancy I only put on about 3lbs in first trimester but had put on 31/2 stones by the time my overdue DS popped out. This time round am 11 weeks and have put on 5lbs already. I suspect you'll start putting on more weight now as you're starting to feel better - just make sure you're eating healthily and not overdoing things and you'll be fine.

lulumama Tue 29-Jul-08 17:22:30

a weight gain of around 24 pounds is 'normal'

bearing in mind, the weight of the baby, the placenta, fluid, extra blood, the uterus itself, your breasts, extra fat stores etc..

so over the course of the pregnancy around 24 pounds is a normal amount

3 lbs is fine at this stage, especially if you have been sick, the baby will take what it needs from you, they are parasites, so even if you have been eating little and puking a lot, the baby sucks everything out of you

you have plenty of time to gain weight!

eat a healthy balanced diet and try not to worry

DisenchantedPlusBump Tue 29-Jul-08 17:50:04

Had to laugh at 'they are parasites' grin


lulumama Tue 29-Jul-08 18:23:50

but they are , in the nicest possible way grin

myjobismum Tue 29-Jul-08 20:22:22

hi can i hi-jack please smile i was also wondering this - but the opposite - am 30+2 and have put on 13lbs i am worrying this is too much - guidance please?? also is it between now and term i gain the most [confused emoticon] with DS i gained 22lb overall but cannot remember when it all went on iyswim! thanks!

myjobismum Tue 29-Jul-08 20:40:09

anyone with advice?

star6 Tue 29-Jul-08 20:47:39

What I want to know is... how much weight - well, not weight.. how much of the BELLY goes straight after the birth? Any of it? I would assume a lot since the baby is coming out, but when I watch discovery home&health (yeah, I know, don't do it... but i do!!) the women still look like they have a baby in there afterward hmm. Is that just water? Does it just naturally drain away?

lulumama Wed 30-Jul-08 09:06:00

myjob, you will put more on in the last trimester as the baby grows, but 13 lbs on at 30 weeks is not a huge amount, it is not just fat remember, it is baby, fluid, placenta, etc.... eat healthy balanced diet and don't weigh yourself every day !

star6 - your uterus contracts back down after birth, to around your belly button, which is where it is at around 20 weeks pregnant, and then it will take a few days to totally reduce in size and disappear back into the pelvis, so you will look pregnant for a bit. also, your muscles are stretched out and your skin is too, so it will take time to get back to pre pregnancy condition. it will have taken you nine months to get to the size you are at full term, you won;t snap back 10 minutes after birth!! your MW will give you some information on gentle post natal excercises when you are discharged. if you have c.section it will take longer to get back to pre pregnant state . concentrate on enjoying your baby rather than dieting though!

myjobismum Wed 30-Jul-08 12:23:49

lulumama - thanks for the advice, is hard not to think about it too much, espescially seen as i feel like a whale - lol - i try and keep eating healthy and not too much - lots of fruits, veg, cereals etc and am enjoying it tbh - thanks again!

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