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Homebirth but overweight - any experiences?!

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babylove123 Tue 29-Jul-08 11:54:09


Im overweight (a fairly high BMI). Im having my first baby and so far, have had a good pregnancy and have perfect blood pressure. Am only 23 weeks pg but am aware that i need to be thinking about starting a birth plan. I've had various conversations with lots of different ppl and have decided i'd like a homebirth. I went to see my midwife but she was very vague about it all and i ended up coming away with no more than i started. I know they prefer you to be a lower weight for a home birth and dont get me wrong, if my pregnancy develops problems, i wont be going against medical advice and not going to hospital. However im set on my first choice being a homebirth.

Does anyone have any similar experiences to share or in the same boat as me at the moment?


Skimty Tue 29-Jul-08 13:30:18

I have high BMI and was planning a home birth possibly not happening because of baby's irregular eart beat).

My MW said that BMI was no problem. In fact she said they can't stop you having a home birth at all. I got sent for a glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks and that turned out negative. It hasn't been mentionned since.

I was under the impression (but may be wrong) that BMI is more likely to be a problem in pregnancy rather than labour IYSWIM.

I'm lucky to have a very hb pro midwife and I suppose it's possible that this could be one of the reasons that is used if your MW is less keen.

babylove123 Tue 29-Jul-08 13:41:57

Hmn, that is interesting - thank you for your post. I cant say im impressed with my midwife overall. I feel like she doesnt have time for me, im just a name on the books and i get quite upset at my appointments and half the time dont ask any of the Q's i want to! She said if you're BMI is over 35 then they dont like it so much as your muscles can be weaker and therefore the liklihood of an assisted delivery is higher (which wld mean transfer to hospital). well thats what they told me!

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