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About 14 - 15 weeks and have no apetite

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bunsen Mon 28-Jul-08 21:02:45

Feeling really sick this time, gone of everything. I have to concentrate whilst eating so I don't gip. I have lost a few pounds, nothing horrendous but what worries me is that I feel full all the time, like when I was heavily preg last time.
Is this okay? I am becoming scared of food and feel run down. I am never actually sick though, mind over matter or summat!
Anyone else?

eekamoose Mon 28-Jul-08 21:13:42

Are you already underweight bunsen?

I wouldn't worry unless you are. Me, I felt sick all through first pg (twas a girl) and could barely eat. It eased off but never completely went away IYSWIM. I had days when I couldn't think of a thing I wanted to eat beyond ice lollies or maybe an apple or a cheese cracker. It got better towards the end, in that I could force myself to eat, rather than be so repulsed by food that I literally could not eat a thing.

By 40 weeks I'd gained 20lb (quite modest) and gave birth to a 9lb 2oz baby (quite large).

Also, this heat, perhaps you aren't that hungry because its so hot?

I wouldn't worry unless you have "no reserves".

bunsen Mon 28-Jul-08 21:17:21

Cheers eekamoose,
BMI is prob 24-25 so am fine in that respect but feel so dizzy! And worn out! When you're preggers the only real vice you can indulge in is food, I feel robbed!

eekamoose Mon 28-Jul-08 21:32:30

I hope it gets better for you! So maddening to hear all the professionals say "you'll probably start to feel better by 12 weeks". Well, I'd say I started to feel a bit better by 20 weeks and even then I still felt a bit sick most of the time! Hope you get some respite from the nausea soon. Ice lollies really can be nice on days like these smile.

hedgepig Mon 28-Jul-08 22:09:35

I wouldn't worry too much I have felt pretty much the same for my current and last pg. My appetite has just returned in the last week or so (now 30 weeks). Just wander around the shops and pick anything you fancy to give it a try even if you wouldn't normally eat it. It will get better smile

kirstymcc Wed 30-Jul-08 20:14:40

Reading this makes me feel better. I am 11 weeks and not feeling like eating much. Had 2 bits of toast with peanut at lunchtime and felt as though I had scoffed a Christmas dinner all afternoon! Just the smell of the kitchen and fridge make me wretch. Forcing myself to get something down and taking my multivits...fingers crossed it passes soon.

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