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totally off topic... soundproofing does it work????

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sunshine185 Mon 28-Jul-08 18:34:15


i've also posted this on DIY but wondered if anyone here has any experience?

i am pregnant with #2 and ds 1 is 26 months and for our sanity we are looking to drop about £5k so we can get some decent sleep!!

above our bedroom is our neighbours living/kitchen room, hardwood floors and every step is like a hammer through our heads esp at night as she's a night owl and is quite social so lots of guests walking around! we can also hear her tv, music, chatting...

anyway, we are thinking of getting our ceiling soundproofed, it's very pricey... but just wondered if anyone has experience of soundproofing and IF IT WORKS??? in particular reducing down or eliminating the sound of walking??


hedgepig Mon 28-Jul-08 22:25:17

i haven't tried soundproofing but lots of leases ( i assume you are in a flat which are normally lease hold) restrict flooring to carpet only so It may be worth checking your lease to see if you can make your neighbour get rid of the hard flooring. i used to live in a flat with a similar problem (from the flat above and below), it was so appalling - luckily I had to make a company move so we left.

dinkystinky Tue 29-Jul-08 09:28:39

My neighbours soundproofed one side of their house (the neighbours on that side used to be a pair of alcoholics who were always arguing/playing music etc. - fortunately they've since left!) - apparently it only really works if the building is in good condition.

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