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Baby ALL on one side all the time???

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star6 Mon 28-Jul-08 17:29:16

I'm 29 weeks and ever since I could feel the baby moving, it's been on the right side. Now I can see it poking things out sometimes (so weird!!) but it's always on the right side. DH and I can feel his body on the right but only fluid on the left. Even when I lay down on my left, he doesn't journey over there... MW at last appointment even commented "your baby is all over here, on the right side". I asked her if it was normal, she said yes...
but I just don't buy it. Sometimes he seems to even curl up over on the right - you can see his bum/head...?? something roundish sticking out a bit and can feel it. As a result, the left side of my back is in constant pain. I just feel like it would be much more comfortable if he would move over a bit to the right.
Is there a way of moving him over there or tempting him over that way at all? Anyone else experienced this?
Most importantly, is this going to affect when I give birth or is he going to move over eventually? You would think he'd be running out of space by now but he seems to just squeeze into that side... avoiding the left! Maybe there is something scary over there?!?!

greenlawn Mon 28-Jul-08 17:51:42

I think this is quite normal - put it this way, I had asymmetrical stretch marks on my right side after ds2! The only time I ever felt he was in the middle was if I knelt on all fours, and he would shift over for a bit ... then shift back again when I changed position. Honestly, they are stubborn little individuals and clearly when they find a comfy position they keep it.

Don't think it would affect the birth - he or she is likely to run out of room eventually and hopefully will settle head down engaged with spine facing outwards. Ds2 was breech till 10 days before due date and when he turned over he finally adopted a more central position.

Sassafrass Mon 28-Jul-08 18:10:59

Do you know if your placenta is on the side he avoids? Mine is on the left side and the baby is always on the right. The only way I know that she kicks on the left side at all is pain in the ribs, I can't feel the actual kicks.

star6 Mon 28-Jul-08 18:15:35

Yes sassafrass - that makes sense. They always say the placenta is on the left.... the other side - but it's low down. You're lucky not to feel so many kicks... I swear this baby knows how to kickbox! It gives us a good laugh, though to see his little limbs/body parts poke out. We think he might have more fun if he used the whole space available grin

star6 Mon 28-Jul-08 18:16:27

thanks, greenlawn! That was my "worry of the day" - that this might impact the birth. Relaxing about it now

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 28-Jul-08 18:35:46

ds2 was like this he never moved. All on the left side and I could feel feet on the right side and hand at the middle. He was breech.

Ate Mon 28-Jul-08 18:41:16

DD3 did this too, went to term, (40 min) homebirth smile

notsoslimnow Mon 28-Jul-08 18:56:41 placenta is on the left too and baby always on the right.i am just over 32 weeks now and he has been in that position for AGES! all kicks are on the right, all lumps and bulges on the right and never anything at all on left.ive been told however he is in a great position and no worries at fact id say when i get onto all fours it is really uncomfortable as he moves more central,maybe because im so used to him being all on the right?!!?although i too thought it wierd he never moves over but i guess he is just comfy there!x

star6 Mon 28-Jul-08 22:24:46

Thanks for these replies... I don't feel so abnormal now I'm a bit worried that in a few weeks when it gets a bit bigger my stomach is going to look REALLY lopsided! ha ha!!

AbstractMouse Tue 29-Jul-08 00:49:46

It is funny when your bump looks really lopsided ,mine was like that when I laid down, huge on the right and then a ski slope down to the left, looked normal when I stood up though grin

biglips Tue 29-Jul-08 08:50:24

mine is the opposite as my placenta is on the left and so is the baby as i feel more movements on my left than my right.

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