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Partners and pregnancy, come here for a whinge!

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BlueJellie Mon 28-Jul-08 15:49:07

Argh have had a really frustrating morning with my partner and wanted to come and have a moan. Does anyone else find their partners really unsympathetic sometimes over pregnancy symptoms? Mine just doesn't understand that I'm not handling the heat very well at the mo (I'm 30 wks btw). He acts like I'm just being whingy etc. Doesn't understand that I get pretty tired midday, and earlier was wondering why I wouldn't carry our new microwave from the car to the kitchen, its freakin heavy and i'm bloody pregnant! (and already sweating buckets!)

I get treated exactly the opposite by my family and at work. I'm barely allowed to carry a feather up a flight of stairs. Not saying I like the other extreme but wish DH could be a bit more accomodating sometimes

moan over lol

dinkystinky Mon 28-Jul-08 15:54:52

If is any consolation, DH was like that when I was pregnant with DS (refused to believe that doing something so trivial as growing another person inside me, complete with fingers, toes, eyelashes etc could be tiring) - I told him he should strap on an extra 3 and a half stone of weight to his front and walk around for a day and then tell me that again. And then I threatened to sit on him. He then started to be much more sympathetic about things. smile

If is any consolation, he's been brilliant so far with this pregnancy (now coming up to 11 weeks and have been floored by total exhaustion) - I think its so far out of their parameters of experience, that men either go one way (totally ignoring it and expecting heavily pregnant partners to hoick ovens etc around) or the other (refusing to let them do anything) in their reactions...

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