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Grrrr - Bartholins Cyst and Pregnancy

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MrsMattie Sun 27-Jul-08 16:05:57

Hi all. Sorry for frankly grim subject.

I developed a bartholin's cyst about 5 years ago. Saw a gynaecologist who advised I leave it alone and come back if it got bigger or caused any pain (at the time it was totally painless). 2 years ago it swelled up over the course of a few weeks and started to feel quite sore. I underwent a surgical procedure to drain the cyst. It got infected afterwards and ended up in hospital, but eventually the cyst did heal and go away on it's own. In recent weeks it has returned and started to swell up a lot in the last few days. It doesn't hurt but feels slightly tender. It seems to go up and down in size - a few nights ago it was huge, as big or bigger even than a tennis ball :-(

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and worried about what this means for labour. Had a c-section last time and was planning a VBAC this time.

Any advice?

MrsMattie Sun 27-Jul-08 16:07:08

Seing Gp this week to get a referrral to gynae.

girlandboy Sun 27-Jul-08 16:09:25

Sorry, no advice......just loads of sympathy. Had one myself some years ago, but it popped and never came back. Hope you get on alright at the GP.

uptomyeyes Sun 27-Jul-08 16:37:53

No advice here either...but just wanted to send some sympathy. Hope you can get it resolved soon.

Mercy Sun 27-Jul-08 16:42:36

I had one of these which was only discovered when I was being stitched up after dd (I was completely unaware of it tbh)

Good luck, I hope it gets sorted asap.

gem1981 Sun 27-Jul-08 19:57:21


I am going thy exactly the same thing I think

I have an appt with Gynae tomorrow - the cyst is not causing me any probs and has only come on since pregnancy.

At the moment it is about the size of a grape.

GP said that if it got big enough to hinder a delivery then I could get it extrated now otherwise best wait until after delivery and get in sorted at/after delivery.

They can be removed during pregnancy but they don't like doing it in case of infection etc.

i will message tommorow after my appt if you like to let you know what was said.


ButIForgetMyself Mon 28-Jul-08 11:34:51

Empathise with you hugely - I've had problems with Batholin cysts too.

Had a GA op to have it drained in early July 2007.

However, complications arose and I developed another cyst around the drainage hole, this time huge, which they removed again under GA within a fortnight, but took AGES to heal, think I bled every day for about three weeks.

After no further problems, I now find myself incredibly sore again around the site. Sex is painful again. I'm 17+6.

I daren't even look to check.... Altogether I had to have over a month off work with these two operations, and my boss will go APE if I have to have it done again. Plus, I'm a complete wuss and can't bring myself to have these removals done under local, so opt for GA every time, which of course now isn't an option.

So scared...

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