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Moving to a different area whilst pregnant

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CJ2008 Sun 27-Jul-08 10:59:24

Our flat in London is under offer after many many months and we hope will complete when I am approximately 30 weeks pregnant.

We are moving to St Albans and wondered how to get registered with a new midwife quickly and is this difficult?

Any advice from someone who has experienced the same very much welcome

Possumagic Sun 27-Jul-08 11:08:23

I moved house three weeks ago at 30 weeks pregnant, to a different area, and haven't had any problems getting registered with the local antenatal care. I looked up local doctors before the move and went in to register within days of the move (had to take in tenancy agreement as proof of address with no bills etc to use). I had an appt with the doctor a week later and then the midwife the following week.

Although I had my hand held notes the midwife wanted to do some of the blood tests again to get them on their system and has made me an appt with the hospital to see a consultant (all not really necessary but I feel better getting to know the 'system' of the new area and also seeing the hospital). They even rang to check I'd had my 12 and 20 weeks scans.

I made it a priority once we'd moved as it can take a few weeks, so the earlier the better.

ButIForgetMyself Sun 27-Jul-08 11:16:15

I'll be doing a very similar thing. I work away from home so am only actually at home at weekends, so I chose to have my antenatal care 55 miles away local to work.

I'm starting maternity leave at 34 weeks (November), so will be re-registering near home then.

I'm really nervous that I'm going to "slip through the net" and won't be seen for a couple of weeks or forgotten about or dismissed because they have long waiting lists!

CJ2008 Sun 27-Jul-08 11:47:55

Thanks - sounds like I just need to be organised. ButIForgetMyself I hope your re-registering goes well too.

Possumagic Sun 27-Jul-08 12:08:18

Yes I hope all goes well for you both.

PetitFilou1 Sun 27-Jul-08 19:28:22

I moved at 8 months pregnant with dd and 5 months pregnant with ds2 (this time). Have never had any problems either time. It can be a bit tedious having to fill in the paperwork, do the new patient check with the new GP before you can get an appt with a midwife etc but as another poster says just make it a priority and you will soon find yourself back in the system.

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